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Specialty Options

black belt bounty book

Specialty Options

A striking cover can captivate readers. Friesens provides a multitude of options: UV, foil, embossing, die cutting, flaps, tip-ins, French fold jackets, and ribbons. Share your vision, and we’ll collaborate to design a standout cover that enhances your book’s appeal and attracts attention.


Elevate your book with a one-of-a-kind finish for a distinctive decorative touch. Friesens provides a diverse range of finishes that not only safeguard your cover from moisture but also offer decorative embellishments. Click below to explore further and enhance your book’s appeal.


The addition of these physical enhancements to your book is bound to capture the attention of even your most discerning customers. They promise to leave a lasting impression as enduring as the book itself, featuring exquisite inlays, rounded corners, and rough edges on both the cover and pages.


Add a playful twist or enhance the elegance of your already remarkable book with our range of accessories. From vibrant ribbons to stylish belly bands, intricate inlays, and sleek dust jackets, these embellishments offer endless possibilities to elevate your reading experience.

Boxes & Slipcases

Elevate the presentation of your books with our exquisite boxes and slipcases. Designed to add a touch of luxury, these packaging options enhance the overall appeal of your books, making a lasting impression.

For real-life examples of specialty options used in our books, you can request a sample.