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Our Culture


Safety First

There is nothing more important to the company than your safety. We continuously invest in safety measures, training, resources, and support to help you be as safe as possible at work. Our objective is to look after each other so that we all can go home from work healthy.


The values of an employee-owner

Employee-ownership is about more than just sharing profits. It is a mindset, an attitude that if we think and act like owners, we will outperform other companies where employees don’t share in the success of the business. As employee-owners, we lead by example, we’re driven to continuously improve, and we enjoy serving others.


Our Leadership Style

At Friesens, leadership is about ensuring the well-being and performance of people.

Great leadership starts with good communication, clear expectations, and consistent accountability. Our goal is to create an environment where people can perform to the best of their abilities and produce the highest quality work most efficiently and effectively.


Continuous improvement mind-set

We believe in making incremental improvements every day. We have a culture of continuous improvement, we encourage innovation, foster collaboration, and empower every employee to contribute to the betterment of the company. You will learn about the tools, methodologies, and opportunities available to participate in and make continuous improvements to processes, products, and services.


Equal opportunity employment

We celebrate and welcome the diversity of all employees and stakeholders. It is our policy to foster an environment that respects people’s dignity, ideas and beliefs thereby ensuring equity and diversity in employment.



As an Employee-Owner, we want you to be informed about what is happening in your company. We use several communication tools including huddles, touch base meetings, department meetings, newsletters, digital displays, the annual general meeting, and the Staff Council.


Open door policy

An ‘Open Door Policy’ means that everyone is approachable at Friesens. You can pose questions or concerns to anyone on the team (from the CEO to your manager to your fellow team members). We aim to treat every Employee-Owner fairly, respectfully, and equitably. If you ever feel that you have not been treated this way, you have the right to approach a senior leader to share your situation.


Accelerate your career

Education unlocks the potential of people. Therefore, it is our objective to provide educational opportunities for all employee-owners to unlock their own potential.

Download The Friesens Culture Book

Our employee-owners are also each writing their own life story. Our collective success at work helps each of us improve our personal stories.