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Service & Technology

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Yearbook Service & Technology

At Friesens, we’re not just printing your yearbooks, we’re helping you design them so they’re a true reflection of your school, students, and faculty. With our Connect Me, BuildIt and DesignIt tools combined with access to industry-standard design software like Adobe Express, the only limit is your imagination! With our Online Classroom, students have access to lots of resources full of tips, ideas, and educational blogs on topics such as content creation, design and layout, photography and more. There’s also Friesens-hosted workshops and seminars throughout the year, both online and in-person. And if you can’t figure something out, our service team is here to guide you along the right path.


ConnectMe is where it all starts. This is your online management portal, and it’s one of the most advanced online yearbook management systems in the industry. In ConnectMe, you can do almost anything! With BuildIt and DesignIt, design pages from scratch or use one of our award-winning design templates. Visit our Online Classroom to learn best practices for photography, writing, yearbook organization, sales and marketing and more. ConnectMe also helps you keep track of your timetable and goals; everything you need is right at your fingertips. You don’t need to worry about security either; your account is locked up tight to protect student content.

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Adobe Integration*

A brand new feature is the integration of DesignIt with Adobe Express. This gives you even more flexibility and opportunities for creativity! With Design it combined with Adobe Express, you can do so much more with your photos, text, and collages. You can also create custom graphics and fonts using generative AI! Forget having a run-of-the-mill yearbook…DesignIt with Adobe Express will take your book to all new heights!

*requires Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

Customer Service Team

We know that technology doesn’t always make our lives easier. That’s why all the software you’ll use to create your yearbook is backed by the support of our amazing customer service team! You’ll have your own dedicated team member helping you throughout the entire process, and they’re available to answer any questions you may have, help you when you’re stuck on something, work with you on developing a flexible timeline, or you just want to talk about your dog. The Friesens employee-owners are as invested in your yearbook as you are, and will be alongside you during your yearbook journey.

Did You Know…?

Letters that are not capitalized are called “lower case” because in the early letterpress printing days, those moveable-type letters were commonly kept in the lower drawers of the type case.