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Our Story

Friesens was started in 1907 by D.W. Friesen. The company has grown many businesses since then, all based on the philosophy of serving others, fine craftsmanship, and community building.

When you join the Friesens family you will be part of a company with a very special story…a story that has been written for over 115 years and continues to be written today. We are more than just a business, we are a group of employee-owners that work together to build each other up, to build a company, and to build a community. How much or how little you participate in this mission is up to you…you have a chance to write your own great story here at Friesens.

What We Do

Who are the others we help?

Our customers have a story to tell; whether a new concept, an historical perspective, a school memory, or a brand promise. We help our customers share their best story with the world through the power of print.

Our employee-owners are also each writing their own life story. Our collective success at work helps each of us improve our personal stories.

How We Do it

  • Find good people
  • Motivate through employee-ownership
  • Train in the craft of great print, binding, and packaging
  • Enable everyone with a relentless reinvestment in technology
  • Instill a focus on customer success
  • Implement ideas to improve the company


These are the reasons we come to work every day:

To serve others

Service to others and servant-leadership are ingrained in the local Mennonite culture and a fundamental value in our corporate culture.

To build products that help improve lives

We have a chance to improve lives every day. Every single day we help authors realize their dreams, help publishers achieve their goals, help schools capture memories, help brands share their values, and help readers experience new knowledge.

To compete and win

We are competitive, we like to win, but we mostly compete against our own previous achievements. If we keep outdoing ourselves, our competitors don’t stand a chance!

To grow and prosper together

Inherent in our employee-ownership model is a common desire to grow and prosper together. Everyone at Friesens shares in the proceeds of the company. While we enjoy serving others, we do so in a way that creates value for both the customer and our employee-owners—it is a win-win strategy with a long-term focus.

To create opportunities for employee-owners and our families

The better the company performs, the more opportunities we create for each other.
As employee-owners tackle these new opportunities, their success opens new doors for their families.