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Book Services

Your single most important resource when creating your book are the sales team and project specialists at Friesens. Consider them your guide as you navigate the printing and production of your book. They are available to answer questions, provide tips and suggestions, and provide assurance. Your representative is a Friesens employee-owner, and we know that we will be successful when you are successful.

Kailyn, a Friesens employee-owner since 2018
Kailyn, a Friesens employee-owner since 2018

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An online print management portal is a centralized platform that streamlines the print procurement process. Users can access quotes for printing services, compare pricing options, and select the best fit for their needs. Additionally, the portal often includes features to manage shipping logistics, allowing users to track and coordinate the delivery of printed materials. Overall, such a portal simplifies the entire print management process, from obtaining quotes to handling shipping and fulfillment, making it an invaluable tool for publishers seeking efficient and cost-effective print solutions.

Quality Assurance and Prepress

Discover excellence with Quality Assurance, your trusted source for prepress technical support and expert onsite press checks. We’re here to ensure your print projects meet the highest standards of precision and quality. Explore our services to elevate your print production experience.

Prepress utilizes both Macintosh and Windows and can handle recent versions of industry standard desktop publishing software. The heart of Friesens Prepress is a workflow system called Prinergy, a single-page PDF-based workflow. Prinergy handles all job aspects including PDF file creation, proof output (virtual and paper based) and final plate output for press.

Wendy, a Friesens employee-owner since 1994
Wendy, a Friesens employee-owner since 1994
Brad, a Friesens employee-owner since 1994
Brad, a Friesens employee-owner since 1994

Technical Support

As part of Friesens full-service experience we have a dedicated technical support person to help our customers ensure they are setting up their files correctly. Understanding you have a variety of needs and options so as to serve our customers better we offer support in ensuring the work you put in at the beginning will result in superior products in the end.

If you are producing your book with Friesens you can contact our technical support person at 866-324-6401 or to ensure your files will be set up correctly.

Press Checks

We welcome customers to visit us for press checks.  We offer a comfortable customer lounge and modern customer suites for overnight stays for your convenience.   If you are interested in press checking your project, contact your sales or customer service representative to discuss your project details and learn about how to make the most of your press check and visit to Friesens.

Download our Guide to Effective Press Checks in English and French.

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Storage & Fulfillment

Friesens fulfillment services provide you with 24/7 access to your data to track your inventory, the ability to view your order history and place orders through Friesens MyBooks.

You can choose whether Friesens ships your books individually, by carton or skid. You determine your preferred shipping service: Canada Post, USPS, ground or air courier, or truck.