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World Class Book Manufacturer

Friesens produces high-quality printed books for large and small publishing houses, independent publishers, universities, art galleries, museums and many others throughout Canada, United States, and beyond.

Our regional offices allow us to provide face-to-face service to customers throughout Canada and the United States.

Patti & Rejean, Friesens employee since 1995 and 1999 respectively


There are a variety of different printing options available. So which is best for your project?

Your story deserves the right printing method and materials for your needs. We offer a variety of printing types such as: offset, digital, LED or inkjet. We serve industries that cover a wide range of categories: cookbooks, trade books, paperbacks, art/museum books and work with some of the world’s most prestigious universities, publishers and museums.


The bindery process demands a superior level of craftsmanship that guarantees your book is a work of art for years to come.

At Friesens bindery, our skilled craftspeople take great care in ensuring that stitching, gluing, and cover treatments meet the highest quality standards, ensuring your book can endure the scrutiny of countless readers.

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Coated or uncoated?  Gloss or matte?  

Paper selection is critical in book manufacturing because it can affect the visual appeal of a book, as well as the weight, feel, and “bulkiness”.  We stock about 2 million pounds of “house” paper in our warehouse at all times, and we can help you choose the right option for your project.


Hard Cover, Soft Cover, Flexibind.

Explore a world of creativity with our diverse book cover options. From vibrant and eye-catching designs that demand attention to timeless classics that exude elegance, we offer a spectrum of choices to match your unique vision. Discover the perfect cover to make your book stand out on any shelf.

Suly, Friesens employee since 2017


Discover the Friesens advantage.

Our team of dedicated employee-owners is your invaluable resource for book printing and production. Count on their expertise and unwavering commitment to guide you through the complexities of printing, ensuring your project’s success. Choose Friesens and experience the difference in service and quality today.

Specialty Options

When you WANT people to judge your book by its cover.

Dress up your cover in a variety of eye-catching ways, like foil stamping, burnishing, and die cutting, or add a complementary dust jacket or specialty box to amp up your book’s presentation.


Byron Loeppky, Vice President of Book Division“The employee-owners at Friesens are committed to the craft of building amazing books.  We serve the needs of publishers across North America using the latest equipment operated by a highly skilled team of prepress, press, and bindery experts.

Given our location at the heart of the continent, we are well positioned to deliver exceptional quality short-run projects throughout the USA and Canada.”

Byron Loeppky, Vice President of Book Division


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