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Your Story in Print!

At Friesens, we fulfill a fundamental need for readers, writers, publishers, and humanity as a whole, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and stories through print. Everyone we meet have stories that deserve to be heard, and we are dedicated to amplifying those narratives worldwide. The employee-owners at Friesens share a deep passion for their craft, crafting high-quality, eye-catching books that share your best story with the world!

Markets We Serve

Friesens produces high-quality printed books for large and small publishing houses, independent publishers, universities, art galleries, museums and many others throughout Canada, United States, and beyond.  Some of the many people who trust their books to us:  National Geographic, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Princeton University Press, Harvard University Press, Yale University Press and many more…

We specialize in short runs of 500 or more books to large-scale runs with hundreds of thousands of prints.  This gives you the flexibility to control inventory and trigger orders when needs arise without having to pay for expensive storage.

We are most well-known in these markets:

  • Trade
  • Coffee Table
  • Educational
  • Children’s
  • Cookbooks
  • Photography
  • Art & Museums
  • Inspirational
  • Yearbooks
  • History
  • Magazines
  • Catalogue

 Print Technology

Quality book printing is essential to create a visually stunning and durable product. It involves meticulous attention to detail throughout the printing process. High-resolution printing equipment ensures sharp and vibrant text and images, preserving the author’s vision. The choice of paper stock, whether matte or glossy, affects the tactile experience and overall quality.

Precise color calibration and binding techniques ensure consistency across the entire print run. Friesens employee-owners have rigorous quality control measures to ensure that each book meets the highest standards, free from defects or imperfections. Experience a Friesens book!

Sheet Fed Offset Printing

Offset sheet fed printing stands out as the premier option for book manufacturing, esteemed for its unparalleled print quality, remarkable cost-effectiveness for extensive print runs, diverse array of paper choices, and robust durability. This printing method is renowned for its ability to produce visually captivating results, ensuring that every page of your literary masterpiece exudes brilliance. Moreover, its cost efficiency enables publishers to produce large quantities without breaking the bank, making quality books more accessible to readers worldwide.

With its versatility in paper options, offset sheet fed printing allows for creative freedom, whether opting for glossy, matte, or textured finishes. Additionally, its durability ensures that your books withstand the wear and tear of time, preserving the integrity of your work for generations to come. Ultimately, this printing technique guarantees a superior reading experience for your audience, where every word is brought to life with clarity and precision, leaving a lasting impression on readers.

LED Printing Press

Sheet Fed Offset Printing with LED Technology

LED printing offers several advantages for book production. One of the key benefits is its energy efficiency. LED printing consumes significantly less energy than traditional printing methods, making it an eco-friendly choice. This not only reduces the environmental impact but also lowers production costs, which can be a major advantage for publishers. This method of printing is quick drying that reduces the risk of ghosting or image transfer, ideal for art books with heavy color coverage.

Additionally, LED printing produces sharp and vibrant colors, ensuring high-quality images and text, which is crucial for book aesthetics and readability. LED technology is also known for its durability and longevity, meaning that books printed using this technique will maintain their quality over time, enhancing their overall value to readers.

friesens employee with paper rolls

Web Offset Printing

Friesens proudly provides both sheetfed offset and web offset printing services, catering to a diverse range of printing needs.  Sheetfed offset printing, renowned for its flexibility, is well-suited for smaller print runs, offering the versatility to accommodate various paper sizes and finishes.  This method is ideal for projects requiring meticulous attention to detail and customization, such as limited-edition books or specialty publications.

In contrast, web offset printing shines in efficiency and cost-effectiveness, particularly for high-volume printing projects.  Its ability to swiftly produce large quantities makes it a preferred choice for expansive book editions and magazines.  With web offset printing, publishers can meet demanding deadlines without compromising on quality, making it a reliable option for mass production.

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Web Inkjet Printing

Web inkjet printing is a revolutionary technology in the printing industry, characterized by its speed, efficiency, and versatility. Unlike traditional methods, it employs advanced inkjet technology to print directly onto a continuous roll of paper, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted production. This method is particularly advantageous for short-run book projects requiring rapid turnaround times to swiftly reach the market. With its capability to generate vibrant colors and sharp images at impressive speeds, web inkjet printing offers unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, inkjet digital printing presents a solution featuring water-based, food-compliant inks, which effectively curbs waste and diminishes energy usage in short to medium production runs.

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Digital Toner Printing

The digital offset press generates extraordinary print products on-demand and stands out in other significant ways such as its short-run color book production, accuracy, superior image quality and cost-effectiveness. These presses guarantee swift turnaround times by meeting strict deadlines and upholding high-quality standards. Furthermore, they excel in waste reduction through on-demand printing, mitigating excess inventory and its associated costs.

Friesens digital press offers precise color matching, ensuring uniformity across print runs and safeguarding brand integrity. Moreover, they champion environmental sustainability by emitting fewer emissions and consuming less energy compared to conventional printing techniques. In summary, digital presses present publishers with a versatile, efficient, and eco-conscious solution for short-run color book production, ushering in a new era of printing excellence.