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We Share Your Best Story with the World!

Printing books is what we do. In fact, Friesens has been in business since 1907, so it’s safe to say we know how to help your school create the highest quality yearbook with the best-looking content. Back that history up with our unparalleled service and you’ll get a yearbook that you can be proud of.

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Why Yearbooks Matter



They’re a celebration of the diversity and friendships that make your
school unique.

Connect People

Yearbooks connect people within your school to the groups, teams, and clubs that define you.


They’re a timeless archive of the memories you’ve shared with friends, fellow students, teachers, and colleagues.


Yearbooks are the ultimate “sales brochure” depicting what’s really important about your school.

Last Forever

While various digital mediums will come and go, your yearbook will
last forever.

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Add Friesens to your Yearbook Team

Backed by our 117 year history, along with over 60 years of experience printing yearbooks, Friesens is the epitome of professional, in-house printing.

But we’re not just about printing; we’re your sidekick in crafting a yearbook, providing lots of resources and a dedicated service team that’s committed to ensuring your yearbook journey is seamless from start to finish.

We’re not just a partner, we’re your yearbook’s best friend, helping you create a yearbook that captures memories for a lifetime.

Service & Technology

We’re not just printing your yearbooks, we’re helping you design them so they’re a true reflection of your school, students, and faculty.

With our ConnectMe, BuildIt and DesignIt tools combined with access to industry-standard design software like Adobe Express, the only limit is your imagination!

Curriculum & Resources

Whether you’re a brand-new advisor or you’ve been working on yearbooks for decades, starting a new yearbook for the year is a daunting task that invariably comes with many questions.

When you work with Friesens, you get all the materials and needed resources to help you complete the project without adding any grey hair to your head.


Feel empowered and confident when crafting your yearbooks.

We offer educational workshops, both online and in-person, throughout Canada and the United States.


Your school is unique.  Shouldn’t the yearbook you create reflect that?

We’ll work with you to make your yearbook a true work of art from front to back.

Cameron Fay, VP of Friesens Yearbook Division“In the Yearbook Division, we realize we are no longer just printing a book but offering a school year long service.  As an Employee-Owned company, we feel we are uniquely positioned to craft the highest quality yearbook and provide world class personal service for you.

Why? Because that is who we are.”

Cameron Fay, VP of Friesens Yearbook Division


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