Yearbooks are more than just ink on paper.

The employee-owners of Friesens take great pride in assisting customers in creating these special books that represent you and capture your memories forever in a way that only a yearbook can.

What do yearbooks mean to us?

Here’s our list:

  • They are a celebration of the diversity and friendships that make your school unique.
  • They connect people within your school to the groups, teams and clubs that define you.
  • Yearbooks are the ultimate sales brochure depicting what’s really important about your school.
  • They are a timeless archive of the memories you’ve shared with friends, fellow students, teachers and colleagues.
  • While various digital mediums will come and go…your yearbook will last forever.

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Friesens values their customers’ experience to endless degrees.  They were willing and happy to help make my creative visions come to life – by simply showing them my vision they quoted me on many options and provided me with advice on what they thought would look best. This project was a collaborative one, and one that would not have been possible had it not been for the support and expert advice of the entire Friesens.

Working closely with Kyle and Joanne demonstrated just how above and beyond Friesens goes for their customers. They were always easily accessible to answer any questions I had, including consistent availability for last minute meeting requests. I never felt inadequate while working with Kyle and Joanne for making mistakes or asking basic questions; rather, they guided me on the proper path when faced with challenges regarding deadlines, content, technical issues, page count, and much more. Their endless accommodations and support throughout the production of the yearbook allowed us to create the yearbook that we had envisioned. Overall, working with Joanne, Kyle, and the Friesens team as a whole, was an absolute pleasure.

Jessica Brender, advisor – Queen’s University


Friesens and Strathcona have a history going back nearly 50 years. I have been involved with yearbook at Scona since I began at the school 13 years ago, initially as an assistant coordinator and I took over the coordinator position 3 years ago. In this time, it has been a pleasure working with Nabil and the family at Friesens.

I use the term family intentionally. Nabil has always made our yearbook team feel as if they are part of the Friesens family. The level of support and understanding of both technical and non-technical issues is incredible. In the current corporate climate, Friesens stands out as a company that prides itself on service, and this is embodied by Nabil.

Friesens understands hard work and growth. To say creating a yearbook is a large, complex task is an understatement and Friesens has created many tools to simplify and streamline the process. Their collective knowledge of everything from the start of the creative process to the binding of books is focused on helping us tell the story of legacy.

Greg Forsyth – Strathcona High School


Having advised our large school’s yearbook for over 25 years, I’ve visited multiple printing plants. It is clear why Friesens is able to produce a superior product for less money: financial and personnel management, craftsmanship, and resources. In other words, they earned my school’s business the same way any healthy business relationship should.

Thomas Craig, Clovis High School


I started as a Friesens customer in 1998 and have just finished my eighteenth yearbook with them this year. Every year I am impressed how good Friesens make our yearbooks look in print. I have had excellent relationships with all four of the Friesens Representatives I have worked with. They have given presentations, problem solved, helped when needed and have continually advised me of new advances to make our Yearbooks even better. While in production, I regularly communicate with the plant about small technical issues that arise and always receive prompt and effective answers. I have been approached by all the other yearbook companies over the years and I tell them all the same thing, every time. I will not quit Friesens until they do something to lose me as a client. I’m still, and expect always to be, a Friesens client.

Larry Green, Mark R Isfeld Secondary School, BC


I am currently completing my 6th yearbook with Friesens… the experience gets better every year.

Dave Darling, Dryden High School, ON


Friesens has worked well with (M.I.T.) Technique in our quest for superior quality. The helpful staff was eager to help us with custom color management requests, and the quality of the book is top notch.

David Templeton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


After 10 years, 3 printers, numerous awards, and a few grey hairs, I thought I had seen it all until we worked with Friesens. In an industry where student publications are often treated as substandard – we welcome Friesens’ superior service, outstanding quality, and great prices.

Alex Selarque, Punahou School, HI


Ball State University inducts Friesens – The Yearbook Company into the Journalism Hall of Fame in honor of Friesens continued support to Ball State University’s secondary education journalism outreach programs.

Ball State University, IN


“After I retired, I spent six years creating a 288-page, size 8, hardcover book on the history of my hometown, Utica, Michigan. I worked with Friesens rather than any of the companies I knew or had worked with at Utica High. I had a great experience with Friesens and would highly recommend them to yearbook advisers – or anyone else.”

Gloria Olman, MJE (Master Journalism Educator), Utica, MI


The Talisman has worked to set the pace in the world of college yearbooks. Much of the publication’s success is a direct reflection of the relationship we have with Friesens. Their attention to detail, superior printing quality and knowledge of the printing industry allows the staff to create a publication that exceeds all expectations. The Talisman is not a traditional yearbook, and we would not have been able to breakthrough that mould without a printing company like Friesens.

Katie Clark, Western Kentucky University, KY


Friesens wins coveted Benny award from Printing Industries of America “The Benny winners represent the best our industry has to offer. This year’s entries were outstanding. There were entries from Companies in 13 countries. Despite the fierce competition, Friesens Yearbooks, through hard work and dedicated craftsmanship, produced a piece worthy of the Benny.”

Michael Makin, President and CEO of Printing Industries of America