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All In One Solution

Whether you’re a brand-new advisor or you’ve been working on them for years, starting a new yearbook for the year is a daunting task that invariably comes with many questions: How do we choose a theme? How do I manage a group of students to get the yearbook completed? How do I set deadlines and goals? We know there’s a lot to do! When you work with Friesens, you get all the materials and needed resources to help you complete the project without adding grey hair to your head.

DesignIt With Adobe Express

Experience a wide range of tools and design elements to enhance your yearbook, all integrated into the Friesens DesignIt software!  We want to help you make the most of this integration, so we have created a “central hub” filled with our latest blogs and tutorials.

Yearbook Kit

Consider your Yearbook Kit to be the roadmap to creating your school’s yearbook. It’s chock full of goodies that will make the job easy (or at least easier) and fun! Included in the kit is the TeachIt guide that covers everything you will need to guide your team through the process of design and layout, writing, and photography, and the PlanIt guide is your checklist to know what should be done each month to stay on track. There are posters to hang in your yearbook home base for at-a-glance references to colour theory, how to use and pair fonts for maximum effect, design and layout hacks, and even a page planner to visually track how the book will flow. You even get colour and cover finish samples so you can easily visualize the final product without having to guess.

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There’s no point in putting in all the hours of hard work to create an amazing yearbook if nobody buys one. Fortunately, you don’t need a Marketing degree to sell your yearbooks! With our in-school SellIt sales program, you get all the tools you need to get parents and students buying, including banners and posters, yard signs, help with emails, letters and flyers, and even your own online store that helps manage orders and payments.

Customer Service Team

We talk about our Customer Service team a lot. But they truly are your best resource when creating your school’s yearbook! Combined, our Print Consultants and Customer Project Specialists have decades of experience in helping schools craft their yearbooks and are dedicated staying on top of all the newest trends and best practices to be able to guide you through the process of building an exciting and dynamic yearbook.

Did You Know…?

The first high school yearbook was published in 1845.

It was The Evergreen, published by Waterville Academy in New York City.