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Specialty Enhancements


An inlay is a technique similar to woodworking where an image or other cover element matching the shape, size, and thickness of the inlay is removed from the cover of the book.  The inlay is placed in the resulting space.  Inlays enhance the visual appearance of the cover by adding depth and interest to the design.

Exposed Bindings

Exposed binding showcases the thread on the spine of a section-sewn block, offering a distinctive and visually appealing design feature. This technique provides a unique aesthetic that enhances the overall presentation of the book.

* only available in soft cover

Rounded Corners

Adding rounded corners to your book cover serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose.  Not only do rounded corners create a more gentle, pleasing, and contemporary appearance, they also aid in the durability of the book as rounded corners are less prone to damage and wear; unlike squared corners, rounded corners are less likely to get frayed and bent.

Raw Page Edges

Raw page edges impart an authentic antique appeal to your book. This feature adds character and charm, reminiscent of vintage tomes, and enhances the overall aesthetic with a sense of history and uniqueness.

Raw Board on Edges

The raw board edge on covers presents a distinctive and unique design element. This feature adds character and texture to the cover, offering a rustic and organic aesthetic that sets the book apart.

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