Blog | Planning Your Yearbook Team

August 29, 2016

Planning Your Yearbook Team

Since there are two ways to make yearbooks – in class and out of class – there are obviously two basic ways to choose the members of the yearbook staff: recruiting volunteers or recruiting class members. Either way, the advisor must make some wise and sometimes difficult decisions regarding which students will be helping to produce the yearbook.


Things to Look For

  1. Hard Workers
    Willing workers who will do any job assigned to them, individuals who aren’t just there to do the glamorous jobs like take pictures and decide the theme.
  2. Good Writers
    Check with the English teachers to find out which students excel in writing and editing.
  3. Students from Different Backgrounds
    This is the only way to ensure that all the students are represented. It is important that the yearbook is build by a diverse group, be careful to not let a small group of friends take over.
  4. Reliable Students
    Choose individuals who have a record of sticking to their activities and not quitting when the going gets tough.
  5. Learners
    Students that are willing to learn and don’t assume they already know everything will be a great asset to your team. Everyone needs to be able to work together and learn from each other.

Yearbook Team Roles

Once you decide which roles you need on your yearbook team it is important to create job descriptions so each team member knows what they need to do. Here is a sample of what those job descriptions could look like.

  1. Editor(s) in Chief
    Responsible for the publication’s content and quality; provides spreads for production deadlines; and manages a staff of peers.
  2. Managing Editor(s)
    Assists the editor in the design of the cover, end-sheets, and any theme-related spreads, including opening, closing, and dividers.
  3. Section Editors
    Responsible for compiling the section content and submitting a partial page ladder to the editorial board for consideration
  4. Portrait Section Editor
    Organizes and manages picture day and distribution of all picture packets and student/teacher ID’s.
  5. Clubs/Organizations Section Editor
    Arrange all club photos to be taken for inclusion in the yearbook.
  6. Sports Section Editor
    Keeps scores for all games, or collects them from the teams on a weekly basis.
  7. Photography Editor
    Responsible for the coverage and quality of photos used in the yearbook.
    Keeps track of all camera equipment and alerts the advisor when theft has occurred or repairs need to be made.
  8. Photographers
    Shoots all assignments or makes arrangements for all assignments to be covered.
    Collects caption information on photos.
  9. Business Manager
    Is responsible for all business transactions, including the sale of yearbooks, selling of advertisements, and paying bills.
    Organizes and advertises the book’s sales campaign.
  10. Advertising Manager
    Sells advertisements
    Designs all ads while paying attention to contract terms and trying to create student-friendly designs.
  11. Copy Editor
    Reads and edits all stories
    Proofreads the stories and captions after they are placed on the page.
    Checks the spelling of all names
  12. General Staff
    Works with section editor on specific spreads
    Interviews and gets quotes and background for the story or to include in captions if there is no story.
  13. Social Media Editor
    Determine and create appropriate content to post regularly on social media.
    Post videos that can’t be put in the yearbook.

For more information on Roles and Responsibilities check out our brand new Teach It! guide, or contact your local rep!