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Altona & Canada Post

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For a photographer, getting just the right shot is exhilarating…and then to have that photo in a format that will be seen far and wide is a huge honour.

Such is the case for Mike Grandmaison, Winnipeg photographer and long-time Friesens customer. A photo he took of sunflowers just outside of Altona, home of Friesens Corporation, is being featured on Canada Post’s fourth edition of its stamp series, aptly named “From Far and Wide” being released today.

Mike Grandmaison, Manitoba photographer and long-time Friesens customer, captured this image just outside of Altona a few years ago (photo – Canada Post)

The image captured by Grandmaison is quintessential “Altona”…a vibrant yellow field of sunflowers, a bright blue sky, and a few puffy clouds…a perfect representation of our community.

This isn’t the first time Grandmasion has been selected for a Canada Post stamp project. In fact, this is the 10th time that one of his images has been chosen. “Well, it’s always nice,” he says. “In never gets old either. It’s always an honour to have one’s image chosen for a stamp.”

Grandmaison, who has over the years focused his photography on nature and agriculture, said that Canada Post was looking for a shot from around the Altona area, and this image was part of his collection.

The From Far and Wide Stamp Collection celebrates Canada’s natural beauty and vibrant cultural landscapes, featuring seven provinces and two territories and each taken by a different photographer. Mike Grandmaison’s photo of Altona sunflowers is a permanent domestic-rate stamp, the most common type of postage used for everyday mailings and the type Canadians see on most of their mail.

You can see more of Mike’s work at his website,

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