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Customer Milestones Celebrated With Quilt Presentation

There has been a long tradition at Friesens with presenting Quilts to customers who have had a long relationship with us and extremely successful titles. The criteria has changed a bit over the years to reflect the changing market conditions in terms of print runs and overall numbers. Prior to the pandemic hitting we had […]

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New Guide To Book Production Sample

Book printing is a complex and unique industry with many components and moving parts. To many authors, writing their story is the easy part – but what comes next? In order to bring that manuscript to life and give it the recognition and audience it deserves, there are many factors to consider especially for a […]

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Friesens Packaging

By Mike Fehr, Senior VP of Packaging Greetings from the world of Packaging to the world of books. In both worlds we share the common need to share messages from one product. We often express this as “helping our customers tell their story through the products we manufacture.” We’re here to do that through packaging! […]

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

By Chad Friesen, CEO At Friesens, we are trying to build a better business by increasing our collective understanding and action related to equity, diversity and inclusion. When we learned of the tragic history of residential schools, and the damage caused to Indigenous communities, we realized that there is a lot we didn’t know and […]

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Changing Fonts

By Brad Schmidt A topic that has, until recently been relatively stable, has a change coming that is bound to shake everything up again. From my earliest experiences working at Friesens preparing files for print, fonts have always been a topic of interest. When dealing with a particular font that was difficult to output, one […]

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Friesens 2022 Employee Directed Giving Campaign

Every year, employee-owners at Friesens Corporation have a chance to vote for their favorite charity, and the voting process determines what percentage of funds are donated to each organization. An employee-owner then presents the donation to the recipient charity. This year, we decided to combine the media releases to better highlight the various charities and […]

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Sustainability Story – Turning Obsolete Cartons Into Something Useful

By Mark Friesen, IP Operations Manager What happens to cartons ordered for boxing books that are the wrong size, or, for that matter, what happens to the extra cartons that are left over from a job? The fact is that ordering cartons is not an exact science, and it is difficult to get it right […]

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InDesign Templates Available on MyBooks

We are all strapped for time, and anything that can be done to save time for our customers is always a big win. With that in mind, we are happy to announce we have an exciting new enhancement developed for MyBooks that we think all designers and those working with files will appreciate. If you […]

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Simple Setup

By Brad Schmidt, Colour Tech Support Specialist When working on a book design, there seems to be an infinite number of details to consider. At times the simplest details turn out to be some of the more difficult ones to settle. One area that I am thinking about is the area of centring. There are […]

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New Colour Printing Paper Samples Book

By Cindy Voth, Marketing Coordinator Are you planning on publishing a colour book? Are you wondering which paper to choose? Help is here. We have recently produced an updated version of our Colour Printing Paper Samples Book. This marketing piece from Friesens shows a variety of images printed on various coated and uncoated papers that […]

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