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The Importance of Literacy

How would you define literacy? Most people would say that it is the ability to read and write ….and that would be true according to a simple dictionary definition. But literacy is more about the substance behind learning the alphabet and forming sentences. It is a powerful tool, and when used effectively, it enables us […]

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Enhanced Experience for MyBooks Users

Ryan Hildebrand, Canadian Sales Manager MyBooks is our online customer portal for managing projects. We continue to develop new tools and provide updates to improve our customers’ experience when using MyBooks. In the past few months, we have made some changes. Following is a list of updates made in recent months: 1. Cover templates – […]

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Create Memorable Covers with our new MGI JETvarnish & Foil Machine

Scott Sinnett, U.S. Sales Manager We are excited to announce that a new Konica Minolta MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution (UV) machine was installed at Friesens in May. This second JETvarnish machine is adding more capacity to the MGI JETvarnish machine we installed two years ago in our cover decorating department. We are already running live […]

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Friesens’ Response to COVID-19

Chad Friesen, CEO “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” – Charles Swindoll. I’ve thought about this quote often over the last few months. In  early  March,  when  we  accepted  that  COVID-19  would  spread  across  North  America,  our  lives  started  to  change  rapidly.  The  weeks  that  followed  were  […]

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What’s Happening in Friesens Marketing?

Odia Reimer, Corporate Marketing Manager Change  is  afoot  at  Friesens,  and  if  you  have  been  following  our story over the years, this is not a new thing for us. We are always shifting and changing to adapt to what is happening in the print landscape. Along with new equipment, one of the more recent changes […]

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Book Your Book

There are numerous benefits and rewards to booking in advance, or making reservations for vacations, business trips or celebrating a special occasion. Generally speaking, a person can save much time, increase organizational efficiency, and decrease stress by booking these events early. The same standard holds true when thinking about the right time to have your […]

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Open for Business

In keeping with the physical distancing rules that have become almost common-place, Friesens has continued operations throughout these challenging times, but doing so in compliance with government regulations amid the COVID-19 outbreak. As employee-owners we have not treated this pandemic lightly and have not only considered the physical well-being of our fellow employees, but also […]

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Don’t Stand So Close to Me – New Pandemic Novel

Author Eric Walters has tackled the pandemic world head on, as we are experiencing it right now. His new book Don’t Stand So Close to Me took 41 days to write, edit and publish focusing on all things pandemic: remote learning, physical distancing, quarantining, and the closing of all non-essential services. One thing that has […]

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Adapting to Book Launches – in a Virtual Way

There is one guarantee in life – nothing stays the same – and we must be constantly willing to readjust and adapt to our surroundings. This truth has never been more obvious than right now, during this global pandemic. Regarding the book printing industry, the pandemic has created chaos in the retail environment and led […]

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Grade 8 Students Guest Edit Canadian Children’s Book News Magazine

The Canadian Children’s Book News – a quarterly magazine that features book reviews, author interviews and news about books for young readers – invited Grade 8 students from Linden Meadows School in Winnipeg, Manitoba to take over as editors and contributors for the national magazine’s summer 2020 issue. This exciting project made the students feel […]

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