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Matching Proofing to Your Colour Expectations

Ralph Hamm, Customer Service Manager I often field calls from publishers; specifically, from people who are considering self-publishing their work. I enjoy these conversations as it provides an opportunity start the conversation about the printing and binding process. A topic that comes up often is proofing, and it usually circles back to me asking customers […]

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Friesens Prints Color In Three Languages!

Subject line: Cutting edge colour printing no matter how you spell it! We sent this message last year to remind customers that the heart of what we do is print beautiful color books. That has not changed!!! What has changed? Timing and pricing.  For much of 2022 we were faced with long lead times for […]

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Pantone Colours

This appears to be a year for changes in Adobe products. Being a subscriber of the Adobe Creative Cloud, I am accustomed to seeing a regular stream of updates. Generally, the changes are subtle and may even go unnoticed. Recently I wrote about the changes coming to Adobe products where Type 1 fonts will no […]

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Updating Packing Profiles

Ralph Hamm, Customer Service Manager Several recent communications with different customers reminded me of the importance of discussing and updating packing profiles. At Friesens, we work with a wide variety of customers. Some customers are very familiar with packing profiles and others might be questioning what it is and why it is important. Each distributor, […]

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Paper, Paper, Paper

By Andrew Fennell, VP of Finance Paper Supply Challenges While there is still an imbalance between supply and demand for paper, the paper delays and shortages that we have experienced over the last eighteen months (and the unrelenting price increases) have abated! In addition, trucking and shipping issues have dissipated considerably, although the high cost […]

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Pantone Colour of the Year: Viva Magenta

“WELCOME TO THE MAGENTAVERSE” Pantone announces in crisp, white text, overlaying an incredible image of what looks to be bark swirled into a shape that resembles a face. It’s that time, wherein the work of multiple secret meetings across Europe, involving some of the greatest colour experts the world has to offer. Since the year […]

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Adobe: What’s the Difference?

So you’re preparing to design your pages, and you’ve been hearing about the incredible number of files Adobe has for all your creative endeavours. You may wonder then: what does each program do, and which ones do you want to use? Photoshop Photoshop is a raster-based* graphics editor. While it’s the best known out of […]

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Friesens honored…

Friesens is proud to be the recipient of four Canadian Print Awards and two honorable mentions. Receiving these awards is an honor and humbling when you consider the many great printers in Canada. At Friesens we believe our purpose is to help others share their best story with the world and we thank our customers […]

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Customer Milestones Celebrated With Quilt Presentation

There has been a long tradition at Friesens with presenting Quilts to customers who have had a long relationship with us and extremely successful titles. The criteria has changed a bit over the years to reflect the changing market conditions in terms of print runs and overall numbers. Prior to the pandemic hitting we had […]

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New Guide To Book Production Sample

Book printing is a complex and unique industry with many components and moving parts. To many authors, writing their story is the easy part – but what comes next? In order to bring that manuscript to life and give it the recognition and audience it deserves, there are many factors to consider especially for a […]

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