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Positive Impact with GMG Proofing Software

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– By Steve Voth, Printers Way Operations Manager

We are pleased to announce the installation of a new GMG proofing software. It is a front-end rendering system which provides improved controls and accuracy of our contract proofs. Contract colour proofing has been around for what feels like forever. Maybe you remember the Colour Art contract proofs we made back in the nineties. That dates me, but it is a good start on how contract proofing has evolved.

For the last twenty years, we have been using inkjet printers to make contract proofs. The technology has improved, going from standard 4-colour to 8- and 11-colour printers, which has improved the ability to replicate both process image colour match to offset and PMS (Pantone Matching System) colour matching. Today’s inkjet printers offer onboard spectro scanners to read and verify each proof as it is printed, ensuring all the proofs are within the GRACoL specification.

There are two significant improvements that customers will experience with the new GMG system. First, this software provides greater control over our proofing system which means more accurate proofs. Customers will mainly see an improvement in our ability to proof black and white or colour printing for books printed on uncoated paper. We have had this ability in the past, but this change improves that entire process.

The second improvement is the paper we use for the contract proofs when printing on uncoated paper. The paper is called GMG matte and it better simulates uncoated paper. It improves the dot gain simulation and better mimics what uncoated paper would look like. While simulating uncoated proofs is still a challenge, this new system will certainly help better set expectations.

With these improvements, we should see even better matches to the proofs on press.

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