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New HP Samples Now Available

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You may have heard about the new additions to the Friesens production lineup, not the least of which was the installation of the long-awaited HP T250 HD inkjet press equipped with state-of-the-art printhead technology. This is our first foray into the realm of high-speed inkjet production presses; this venture comes complete with an integrated press and finishing system.

The process itself is the heart of the innovation. It’s a fascinating contrast between the new inkjet press and its conventional toner-based digital counterparts. The plate-to-blanket-to-paper transfer process is replaced with a simpler, cleaner approach…the inkjet press’s printheads sprays the ink directly onto the paper, creating a remarkably streamlined process, unlike any other in the facility.

Now that you know a bit about the machinery (you can learn more in our previous “Flipping the Switch” blog linked above), we’re excited to announce a new Colour and Black & White HP Sampler marketing piece. These pieces communicate how the HP press techniques respond to different paper stock by showcasing a variety of images printed on various coated and uncoated papers that are commonly used in the plant. We hope this will help you determine which paper suits your next colour or black & white book.

We’re happy to offer both versions…the Colour HP Sampler and the Black & White HP Sampler. Just call your Friesens sales representative today to order your copies, and let the samples speak for themselves!

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