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How To Make Giving a Book Extra Special

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If you saw a title on our Essential Gifts for the Book Lover blog and you know someone on your list that would love it, wonderful!  Books are always a great gift, but don’t just wrap it and give it…how do you take it and make it extra special?  Read on to find out!

Write the Perfect Inscription

This is a very simple way to personalize your gift.  You can go as simple as writing the date and signing your name, to something more elaborate like a message explaining why you’re giving the book to the recipient.  It gives the gift context and meaning.  Be sure to use a nice pen, and practice the inscription a few times before actually writing it in the book…you’ve only got one shot to get it right!

Find Wrapping Inspiration From the Book

It’s pretty obvious when giving a book as a gift that there’s a book inside the wrapping.  So why not up the excitement by choosing packaging that hints at what’s inside?  Decided to give a copy of Waubgeshig Rice’s “Moon of the Turning Leaves”?  Find some paper with a fun leaf print, or use a leaf-shaped gift tag.  For a historical fiction book like “Go As A River” by Shelley Read, find inspiration at your local thrift store and pick up old magazines, sheet music, or dress-making patterns…vintage or recycled options are always a unique idea.  There’s no limit to your creativity if you’re willing to put in a bit of effort.

Seek Out Beautiful Editions

If you’re buying a book that has been around long enough to have had several editions (like Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer, or Love You Forever by Robert Munsch), try tracking down the most beautiful version of the book that you can find.  You might be lucky enough to find a first edition copy, or one with a special edition cover.

Tell Them Why You Love It

If you’re giving someone a book that you love, don’t just tell them why you love it…show them!  Underline or highlight (neatly, of course) lines or passages in the book that mean something to you.  You can also write margin notes that will help them understand your enthusiasm towards the book.  By doing this, your recipient will feel like they’re sharing the reading experience, even if you’re not there. 

Add In A Few Extra Gifts

If you’re giving a copy of Wendy Turner-Larsen’s Becoming ‘You’ For Women, or Moonlight Serenade from Gordon Wallace, Ph.D., why not also give a journal, with a message on the first page, and a nice pen so they can jot down their favourite or most inspirational lines from the books?  The Bittlemores by Jann Arden can be accompanied by one of her CDs.  Even a thoughtful bookmark can be a great addition.

Remember, when giving a book, the essence lies not only in the words within the pages, but also the joy of sharing with others. Whether it’s a beloved classic, a new release, or a cherished childhood favourite, the act of giving a book becomes a conduit for connection, inspiration, and the magic of imagination!

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