Blog | Top 15 Ideas to Sell more Yearbooks

November 15, 2017

Top 15 Ideas to Sell more Yearbooks

Are you having trouble selling yearbooks? It isn’t easy in the world of instant images, instant memories, and everyone having their own camera to sell yearbooks. Let me assure you with planning and a bit of work it is possible.

Here are 15 ideas to help you create interest or the proverbial buzz to help sell your yearbooks:

  1. Posters and Banners – Post them around the school and change them often
  2. Friesens Gotcha cards – letting students know where they are in the book and asking if they have purchased theirs yet.
  3. Post a sneak peak at spreads to social media
  4. Run contests
  5. Create a fun Meme on social media encouraging students to purchase their yearbook
  6. Create a video selling the yearbook
  7. Send emails to parents
  8. Set up a table during parent/teacher night have students walking around with iPads taking orders
  9. Advertise on your website with a link to your online store
  10. Draw with chalk on the sidewalks selling yearbooks
  11. Play PA announcements
  12. Create Bookmarks and place them in the current yearbook to pre-sell the next years book 
  13. Letters to parents
  14. Parent Newsletter
  15. Push Notification on your Friesens School App or Advertise in your School Agenda