About | Why We are in Business

As employee-owners, we take a longer-range view of our business than a typical employee. By sharing a common “Why”, we are an unstoppable force.

This is “Why” we’re in business:

  • To build something of value
  • To serve others
  • To be part of a team
  • To challenge ourselves to compete and win
  • To grow and profit
  • To create opportunities for employee-owners to thrive
  • To provide stability for our families and the families of our fellow-owners
  • To build a stronger community
  • To leave a legacy of a thriving business long after our time at Friesens

Friesens Board of Directors:

Doug Symington, Curt Letkeman, Dana Bergman, Mike Fehr, Curwin Friesen, Andrew Fennell, Tammara Kennelly, Byron Loeppky, Chad Friesen