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What can I expect if I apply for a position?

Your resume will be reviewed, and reference checks will be conducted. If the results indicate a good match, you will be called in for a skills assessment. Each position has a minimum skill set that is needed to do the job well. The assessment gives us an indication of what level your reading comprehension, communication abilities, mathematical capabilities, and problem-solving skills are at, as well as how you will perform in a team. All information that is gleaned through the screening process will be considered and if you are found to be a good match you may be provided an opportunity to start a career at Friesens.

Resume Requirements:

A complete resume is required when applying for a position. The key components of a complete resume consist of:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Education history
  • Work history
  • Skills and Activities are optional
  • Three references (preferably work related)

Please click here to open a sample template that may be used to create your own resume. Please note that incomplete resumes will be disqualified from consideration.

Minimum Skill Required to work at Friesens:

While each position requires its own set of competencies/skills, all positions require the ability to demonstrate an understanding of workplace essential skills, including but not limited to the following:

Education –High School Diploma, GED or equivalent
Continuous Learning – Willingness to learn and to take courses that may be needed to successfully perform job tasks
Verbal communication – Ability to understand and respond to verbal work instructions in the English language
Reading, Writing & Document Use – Ability to read and follow English written electronic job instructions and to write clear instructions in English
Digital Technology – Basic computer skill
Numeracy – Math skills and the ability to measure/use both Metric and Imperial measurements
Critical Thinking Skills – Attention to detail and a critical eye for identifying defects as well as the ability to problem solve
Working Environment – Ability to work independently and in a team setting
Working Hours – Ability and willingness to work overtime and flexibility in modifying working hours if required

For Production Related positions, the following also apply:

Mechanical aptitude

  • Understanding and using machines and tools

Physical Requirements

  • Must be quick, accurate and able to work in a fast-paced environment, keeping up with production
  • Ability to lift heavy objects, walk and stand for long periods of time and perform strenuous physical labour
  • Good manual dexterity

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