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When you work with Friesens you get a team of owners helping you create your yearbook.


Your Sales Consultant – Available to give in-classroom training sessions, work with students and make your life easier.

Your Customer Service Specialist – Provides pre-production training and tech support as well as managing your yearbook as it travels through the plant.

Advanced Technical Support – Available to help you with more detailed technical needs.

Prepress Team – This highly trained group of staff help prpe your cover and pages for the production process.

Press Room – Printing is part science and part art form. The secret to Friesens success lies in the talents of our press operators.

Bindery – Anyone can glue pages together…but our bindery team is masterful at ensuring your books are made to last.


Scan through the list below to find the Customer Service Specialist or Print Sales Consultant in your area.


Alix Reynolds Service Specialist | Central/Eastern USA & Canada

I’ve worked nearly a decade as a photographer, graphic designer, writer and editor, often helping independent publishers make books. Joining the Friesens Direct CSS Team was a natural fit, allowing me to pursue my passions while helping schools make standout yearbooks to preserve their memories for a lifetime.

Alix Reynolds
Phone: 1-877-324-9725 ext 282

Brad Efford

Brad Efford Print Sales Consultant | Canada - East | ON - Brantford, London, Sarnia, Chatham, Windsor and area

I’m the Print Sales Consultant for South Western Ontario. My favourite part of the job is working with today’s talented students (aka, tomorrow’s stars) be it with photography, layout & design or journalism. I thrive on assisting my customers in creating their own yearbook masterpiece. When I’m not helping schools create great yearbooks, I love to spend time with family & friends, riding my motorcycle, photography and playing with our awesome Rottweiler, Gunner.

Brad Efford
Phone: 519.873.0290

Brett Falk Print Sales Consultant | USA | TX

Born and raised in Altona, I’ve had the opportunity to watch this business grow. My father has been dedicated to Friesens for 35 plus years, so I was destined to work here! Most kid’s dream of being a fire fighter, police officer or a famous celebrity… I just wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps!

Family, friends and a strong business relationship are important in my life. Think of me as an unlimited lifeline, making yearbook production a stress free experience for you.

Together we can only be stronger!

Brett Falk
Phone: 1.888.324.9725 ext 289


Caroline Foster Print Sales Consultant | Canada - East | ON - Ottawa, Montreal

Bonjour! I’m your bilingual print consultant for Eastern Ontario and the province of Quebec. My yearbook career started in the late 90’s so I am not ashamed to admit that I’m a yearbook nerd! I love beautifully designed yearbooks and I thrive to make your yearbook experience the best it can possibly be.

When I’m not driving around my vast territory working with my fabulous advisors and students, I’m cheering my teenage sons at either a football or hockey game, or I’m riding my horse with my beloved Australian Cattle Dog leading me up a trail.

Caroline Foster
Phone: 613.802.7070

Catherine Holland Print Sales Consultant | Canada - West | SK

In 2005 I moved to Saskatchewan from Ontario to become a yearbook consultant at Friesens. Recently Friesens asked me to join the history book team and I was excited take on the challenge. I believe that preserving our past is crucial for future generations. Before working with Friesens I graduated from Ryerson University’s Graphic Communications Management program. When I’m not traveling around the province of Saskatchewan helping schools create amazing yearbooks and groups recording our history I spend my time with my husband and our two energetic little girls. I also hold the position of councilor for the Town of Qu’Appelle.

Catherine Holland
Phone: 306.501.0792


Coreen Lychak Print Sales Consultant | Canada - East | ON - Toronto West

I’m your Print Sales Consultant for the Mississauga and Area. My favourite part of the job is working with talented and passionate students and teachers. I thrive on assisting my customers in crafting their own memories into yearbook masterpiece. When I’m not helping schools crafting great yearbooks, I love to spend time amongst nature with my friends. My life long passion is basking in the enjoyment of my Son.

Coreen Lychak
Phone: 905.320.7822

Dave Fehr Service Specialist

I am the Customer Service Specialist for Vancouver, Phoenix and Hawaii. I love helping schools create a beautiful book that will last a lifetime. My favorite part of the job is having customers come to our plant to see where the magic happens. When I am not helping customers with their books I spend time with my Wife Lin and my two kids Kelcey and Ian. I am also a volunteer firefighter on our local fire department and spend time helping out in various ways at one of our local churches.

Dave Fehr
Phone: 1.877.324.9725 ext 330

Deb Symington Service Specialist

I have been with Friesens for over 5 years now and after a couple of territory shuffles, I now service Manitoba, and parts of Ontario and North Dakota.

I strive to make your yearbook creation process as seamless as possible and can assist with the many facets of the project. My goal is to help you produce the best possible book to preserve those memories for years to come.

Deb Symington
Phone: 1.877.324.9725 ext 284

Eric Saxton Print Sales Consultant | USA | US Direct Sales


My name is Eric Saxton and I am the Educational Print Consultant in Central US. My goal is to not only help your school create a breathtaking and awe-inspiring yearbook, but to make the experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible for both adviser and students. Schools not only have my full support to build their yearbook, but my commitment to present them with bilingual service and support, techniques to meet their deadlines with minimum stress. When not assisting schools, I am a passionate sports fan that loves to spend time with my family and travel!

Eric Saxton
Phone: 613.863.9050


Erica Salemink Print Sales Consultant | Canada - West | BC - Vancouver

When I am not “flying” around my territory Burnaby to Mission I enjoy my lovely little family I have at home. I am a proud Mamma of a brilliant little boy, which says “he’s not a baby anymore, he’s big” and a proud Stepmom of a Middle Schooler. We enjoy long slow walks up to the neighbourhood park, cool dips in the knee high wading pool and I love to catch it all on camera!

Erica Salemink
Phone: 604.306.7695


Greg Ray Print Sales Consultant | USA | CA - Central

With over 25 years in the yearbook industry, I know great ways to work with schools to produce the best yearbooks ever. I bring you experience, knowledge, ideas, business sense, inspiration, and creativity. I offer the ultimate and best print package available with endless options and over the top service.

I think outside the box and believe in very high standards. I will inspire your staff to take their designs and theme to new levels. Scheduled visits are often, and productive. Deadlines are extremely flexible and mutually agreed upon allowing later events to be in the yearbook. My goal is to make your yearbook experience as smooth as possible.

Greg Ray
Phone: 661.619.8916


Greg Samples Print Sales Consultant | USA | CA - Los Angeles, San Diego

I’m the Print Sales Consultant for Southern California. I consider my job to be more of a “life style” than work. It affords me the opportunity to work with great kids, teachers and school administrators, while enjoying the virtues of the sunshine state. I believe in the value of books and all they do for us. I love my wife, son and dog. Each makes me a better person and for that I am truly blessed.

Greg Samples
Phone: 818.438.1040

Jayden Nickel Service Specialist

I’m the Direct Customer Service Specialist for Western US and Canada. The best part of my job is getting to know so many amazing and creative people. I thrive on helping schools make a great yearbook. When I’m not assisting schools create their books, I spend my time coaching and playing sports, as well as spending time with friends and family.

Jayden Nickel
Phone: 1.877.324.9725 ext 329

Joanne Buhr Service Specialist

I’m the Customer Service Specialist for Eastern Ontario. My favourite part of the job is working with brilliant and enthusiastic advisors and students. I thrive in assisting my customers in creating their own “work of art” yearbook when they are capturing and preserving the school events. When I’m not helping schools create great yearbooks, I enjoy curling in winter and spending time outdoors in summer with my husband James, Max (my dog), and family.

Joanne Buhr
Phone: 1.877.324.9725 ext 280


Kevin Peters Print Sales Consultant | Canada - West | Canada - MB (southern)

With over 12 years of experience at Friesens, I know the ins and outs of how a yearbook is made. I grew up in Altona and my father has worked at Friesens for over 40 years, so I can definitely say that printing is engraved in me. When I am not in the plant I spend my time playing baseball and hockey. I also enjoy relationships with family and friends, and creating strong bonds with my customers to help create a yearbook they can cherish for years to come.

Kevin Peters
Phone: 888.324.9725 ext 291


Kyle Sassmann Print Sales Consultant | Canada - East | ON - Toronto East

My interest in yearbooks started as a student at Dunbarton High School in Pickering, which led me to enroll in the GCM program at Ryerson; a B-Tech Degree that focuses on the print industry.

I look forward to harnessing my education and work experience to partner with all of the wonderful people at Friesens and all of you Toronto East Yearbook Advisors on the creation of incredible pieces of work that will inspire and bring joy to you and your peers for many years to come.

Kyle Sassmann
Phone: 647-987-3946


Leslie Perring Print Sales Consultant | Canada - West | MB - Winnipeg, Northern Manitoba


I am an Educational Print Consultant who enjoys capturing the culture and pride of schools, while preserving history for the future. I appreciate seeing the creative side of this generation and how they strive.

On a personal note, I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my family and hounds. I hold the environment dear and seek to treat it better. I am involved on a couple of boards and committees and stay active within my community. When time permits, I can be found with my camera in hand, capturing life as it happens.

Leslie Perring
Phone: 204.881.5262

Melissa Woodward Print Sales Consultant | Canada - West | BC - Vancouver

I’m the Print Sales Consultant in the Lower Mainland, my territory spans from Delta to the Sunshine Coast. My favourite part about my job is getting to work alongside talented, passionate teachers and students who have a desire to create a yearbook that captures the memories of the year at their school. I love watching how an initial creative vision can be developed in to the wonderful books we have the pleasure to print.

When I am not helping schools create and preserve their precious memories, I love spending time with my family. My husband Brad and I are true gymnastics parents – both our son and daughter are involved in the gymnastics world, so much of our family time is spent at the gym or at gym meets. We live near the water in Steveston and love our little community, so when not at the gym, we are out riding our bikes or walking along the river. Two beagles names Lucy and Linus and one Guinea Pig named Snowball round out our family.

Melissa Woodward
Phone: 604.612.4205

Michael Kinard Print Sales Consultant | USA | TX

Hello, I am the Print Sales Consultant for North Texas and East Texas. I have spent the last 20 years of my career focused on Customer Service and Account Management. I am very excited to join the Friesens team with their fabulous reputation for book publishing and printing, as well as their reputation for Customer Service. I feel my meticulous attention to customer needs and service will be a synergistic pairing.

I live in North Texas, in a family suburb, Forney, just East of Dallas. My family and I relocated here four years ago and are enjoying everything Texas has to offer. I grew up in New England, born and raised in Connecticut, and then moved to Florida, where I met my wife and we started our family. We have three kids, 2 boys and 1 girl, all who play sports. I enjoy practicing and coaching them in baseball and football. Ironically, my wife is also in the Print Production and Advertising industry for over 20 years. I have great respect for the industry, technology, process and the amazing work that Friesens does. I am here to service your school and yearbook needs and am happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Michael Kinard
Phone: 954.558.9292


Mike Tomlinson Print Sales Consultant | Canada - East | ON - Toronto

I have been serving schools yearbook needs in Toronto for over 25 years. I have not only partnered with many schools to create amazing yearbooks, I have also made many friendships along the way. My goal working with your teacher Advisor and students is to use my industry expertise and knowledge to help the yearbook team at your school create a great book the school can be proud of. The world of yearbook is forever changing; I’m your guide and consultant through the entire process.

Mike Tomlinson
Phone: 647.992.9725

Nabil Mouallem Print Sales Consultant | Canada - West | AB - Edmonton, Red Deer, Northern Alberta

Thanks for checking in. I am a proud father of two and a husband of one. Much of my spare time is consumed by my family with Tae Kwon Do, gymnastics, school and our birds. I love playing ball hockey and if I can get my hands on it, most other sports, even if I am not very good at some. Along with that I am a board member with a couple of charitable organizations, one of which help in and around my community and the other provides students with scholarships to aid in furthering their education.

Nabil Mouallem
Phone: T 780.761.1501

Rod Dueck Service Specialist

I am the Customer Service Specialist for Ottawa/Montreal and the Maritime provinces. Each day I come to work I have the pleasure of working with a very talented group of co-workers from our Yearbook cover design staff/Press operators and Bindery staff. When I am not at work, you will be able to find at a ball diamond/high school gymnasium or a hockey rink cheering on my kids somewhere in Southern Manitoba.

Rod Dueck
Phone: 1.877.324.9725 ext 285

Shannon Elliott Print Sales Consultant | Canada - West | AB - Calgary


I am the Yearbook Consultant for Calgary and Southern Alberta. I am new to the Friesens team but very excited about the opportunity to work with some amazing customers. My background is in sales and territory management mostly in telecom for the past 15 plus years. I am passionate about learning the yearbook business and working alongside with schools to help them create a truly beautiful product

In my personal life, I am married to my husband of 16 years and a mom to two fantastic girls who are both avid hockey players, so cheering them on and driving them around seems to take up most of my spare time. I also love to ski, travel and play softball in the summer.

Shannon Elliott
Phone: 403.397.9680


Sharon Remillard Print Sales Consultant | Canada - West | BC - Vancouver

Hi my name is Sharon Remillard and I am your local print consultant in the lower mainland from Delta to Chilliwack. I love to brainstorm theme and cover ideas with the students and witness their vision come together. Watching their faces when their yearbook arrives and they see it in print for the first time is very rewarding. I have 2 kids that keep me busy with their various activities but I must say my favourite is to sit at the ball field watching their games on a sunny day. For me there is nothing like getting outside for a beautiful run by the beach.

Sharon Remillard
Phone: 604.307.9681


Shawna Kisell Yearbook Print Sales Consultant | Canada - West | BC - Vancouver Island

My previous vocational background is extensive in Sales and Marketing in both Media and Retail. I wholeheartedly believe in selling and marketing products or services that I believe in and can truly see the benefit. Being a Yearbook Print Sales Consultant is a role that offers just that and more. It perfectly combines my passion for marketing and creativity, communication, connectivity and customer service. I love chatting with Yearbook teams and seeing their excitement as the book evolves.

A lot of my personal time is spent taking advantage of the great outdoors on the West Coast hiking, running, snowboarding etc. Vancouver Island is absolutely beautiful and the people are fantastic too!

Shawna Kisell


Shayleah Funk Service Specialist

I’m the Service Specialist for Western Canada. When I’m not giving tech advice, or uploading pictures, I’m probably at home playing video games, reading, or cuddling with my dog, Hermione.

Shayleah Funk
Phone: 1.877.324.9725 ext 286

Sheila Connor Print Sales Consultant | Canada - East | Atlantic Canada

My promise to you as a cherished customer is that I will do my utmost to ensure your yearbook journey is a fully rewarding and fun experience. You will feel tremendous satisfaction in creating a yearbook to be proud of both today and twenty years from now.

On a personal note I’m originally from Newfoundland and a graduate of Memorial University. My husband Paul and I are the proud parents of Liam. Our family also has an energetic border collie named Lucky. I enjoy socializing with a diverse circle of friends and a large extended family.

Sheila Connor
Phone: 1 (902) 221-6679

Sheldon Curtis Print Sales Consultant | Canada - West | BC - Interior

I am the Print Sales Consultant in the BC Interior. I was a classroom teacher for several years and also have an extensive sales background, including book printing. I feel that I have found the perfect job, giving me an opportunity to work with teachers and students again, and utilizing the knowledge I have gained along the way.

I will assist you in all phases of the project, including design, format, workflow, file management, deadlines and marketing. Contact me at your convenience to ask about the ways we can help you create a beautiful legacy for your students.

Sheldon Curtis
Phone: 204-469-2977