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Ever gazed upon a book you were lost in and let your curiosity run through the pages, pondering the secrets of all those behind-the-scenes printing marvels? Hold onto your literary hats, because we’re about to drop some mind-boggling Friesens printing tidbits!

  • Friesens uses about 13,000 tons of paper per year – that’s the same weight as 100 blue whales!
  • A roll of paper can weigh upwards of 4,500lbs – a fully-grown male Pacific walrus weighs about the same!
  • Upwards of 15,000 gallons (or 56,781L) of ink are used annually – that’s enough to fill an average-sized swimming pool!
  • At Friesens, we use vegetable-based inks, made from flax, canola, and soy. Since those crops are commonly grown in Manitoba where Friesens home office is located, that means we are potentially supporting local farmers!
        • 100% of the paper from the press room, bindery, prepress, and our offices is baled and recycled. The amount of paper that Friesens recycles is equal to 320 truckloads per year!
        • We recycle 267,000lbs (or 121,110kg) of aluminum plates annually. At approximately 24 aluminum cans in a pound, that means that 6.4 million cans can be made from the amount of aluminum that Friesens recycles!
        • The Timson Web Press prints 1,000ft (or 305m) per minute. If you were to use it to print the Eiffel Tower, which stands 1,082 feet (or 330m), it would take only a minute!
        • The Friesens facilities cover over 405,145 square feet of building space. That’s seven NFL (or 4.5 CFL) football fields!
          • Friesens prints approximately 32 million books every year – which equates to one book for every Canadian!
          • 68% of our staff have, or have had, relatives work at Friesens in our 115+ year history. So for those people, it’s a family company!

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