Packaging | Services

Here at Friesens we understand that every project is important. This is why we strive every day to provide a seamless set of services that makes every customers buying experience simple, informative, and effective.

3D Design

We will provide upon request, 3D renderings of the package you envision and to outline in-detail what you can expect in your prototype and ultimately your finished product.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers will create die lines to provide you with the perfect template to place your artwork. Once, submitted they will review your submission and suggest or make changes based on what fits with the design you chose.


We provide timely handcrafted physical samples of the product you are purchasing before beginning production. We do this to ensure the product you expect will be the product you receive.


Got something you want placed in each specific package? No problem! We offer fulfillment of items in each package so you can get a final product fully completed and ready for your customers all at one location.


Friesens Corporation has a vast network of channels that we can ship your finished goods to you. Be it Canada or the United States, we can guarantee a timely delivery right to your door.