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November 07, 2017

The November Yearbook To-Do List

I’m not sure about you, but for some reason it feels like the days are passing by a little too quickly. I was just getting used to it being the middle of October and it’s over! What?! Let’s slow things down a bit okay.

So, what should be occupying your mind right now? Here is our list of what you should be doing. The hope is if you take care of these things now it will save your sanity down the road.
Keep up the marketing campaign to promote yearbook sales.

  • Finalize theme, fonts, colours, design style, and Page Ladder.
  • Continue coverage of fall sports, clubs and activities (photography and interviews)
  • Upload and edit portraits.
  • All templates should be completed.
  • Finalize the cover and endsheet design and submit to Friesens.
  • Start planning for the marketing and sale of ‘Business ads’.
  • Start planning for the marketing and sale of ‘Buddy ads’.
  • Begin coverage of winter sports, clubs and activities.
  • Update the Planning Calendar with any new developments.