Blog | Thinking Conceptually

March 20, 2019

Thinking Conceptually

As you head into your final set of deadlines, now is as good as a time as any to start taking stock of one of the most important elements of your book, your concept. Although as you are nearing completion of your book you have no intention of making any changes to your current concept, it is a good time to examine some crucial pieces to ensure that you’re all set to go once you start next year’s book!

  • What was your concept this year? Can you even remember your concept at this stage? If you can, that’s fantastic! If you can’t, that might be the best sign that it needed more work.
  • How did it tell the story of the year? Your concept should find a unique way to tell the story of the year while ensuring that it can be relatable to all groups within the community.
  • Did the concept carry throughout the book? A concept should keep a presence throughout the entirety of the book. Be it in graphical elements, fonts, headlines, captions, colors or other pieces, you should be able to see the theme all throughout the book.
  • Did the opener explain your choice? Your opener should always provide sufficient information so that if anyone didn’t get your concept right away, they will now.

Eric Saxton
Friesens Yearbook Consultant