Blog | Proofing

March 20, 2019


Nothing is more frustrating than noticing a proofing error in your final yearbook product. Proofing is a vital step in making sure your copy is top notch. While it is so essential to the quality of a great book, it is one of the more tedious tasks when it comes to completing your yearbook. Here are some great tips to help make the process a little easier:

  • Print a PDF – Print a low res PDF rather than viewing on screen.
  • Read Out Loud – When you read the copy out loud, you are much more likely to hear errors in style and grammar.
  • Work as a Team – Use the buddy system and have more than one person proof each page of design and copy. What one person misses, another is likely to catch!
  • Don’t leave it to the last minute – Leaving your proofing to the 12th hour before your deadline does not set your staff up for success. Have the time to proof, revise and proof again.
  • Beware of common errors – There, their, they’re and you, your, you’re are famous traps for errors that spell check will not catch. Brush up on your elementary school grammar to spot these traps like a pro!

Shannon Elliot
Friesens Yearbook Consultant