April 17, 2019


If you are a Spring delivery school, your yearbook is now likely done, and you have put the stress of those final edits behind you.  Now what?

You have spent hours upon hours creating your yearbook to preserve the memories of this last year at your school.   You have created a product that now needs to get into the hands of the customers – everyone else at the school!  How can you go about best distributing the books to all those that have bought a book, and how can you take advantage of this time to sell any remaining books?  A distribution party could be the answer!

Here is a checklist to consider when planning a distribution party:

  1. Make sure you have administration approval first!  Find out what date would be best, and is there a location on the school campus that would be suitable?
  2. Try to think of some creative ideas for activities during the party.  Some schools have had midway games, dunk tanks, a DJ etc.  Many of these activities can be low cost, but there is also the opportunity to contact businesses and ask for sponsorships or special deals.
  3. Speaking of sponsorships – contact all the local businesses near the school.  The pizza place that all the students go to at lunch likely would be happy to donate pizzas to the party!  Some schools have even had luck with the local banks who have been very generous in donating money to put towards the party.
  4. Once you have some sponsorships in place, you can decide what to offer in terms of food at the party.
  5. Plan the staffing of the party – who will do what? 
  6. Advertise the party!  Make sure that everyone knows all about the party.  Put up posters, make PA announcements and go around from class to class.  Decide whether this party will be only for those that have purchased a yearbook, which can be highly effective to increase last minute sales.

Have fun.  This is a great way to celebrate the hard work that you have put into your yearbook this year!

Mellisa Woodward
Friesens Yearbook Consultant