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April 10, 2019


Design is a mix of creativity and technique. Great design tells a story through vivid photography and content reflecting a consistent theme throughout.

  • The Vision: Brainstorm and choose a theme
  • The Cover: The cover is your first introduction and should reflect your theme and feel. Use cover elements throughout the book. (folios, backgrounds, photo borders)
  • The Layout: Remember the dominant photo! Choose eye-catching photos and build the page from there.

Quick tips:

  • Design your page layout beforehand – be consistent
  • Choose photos with more people over crowded collages
  • Keep same margin space for spreads and sections-it makes it easy to read!
  • Columns add structure. Use same ones for spreads
  • Ensure photos stand out from background
  • Leave white space in the corners and keep all white space to the outside for better balance
  • Use captions and keep them close to photos

Find out more with your Friesens DESIGN lesson:

Shawna Kisell
Friesens Yearbook Consultant