Blog | Fall Photography Tips

September 17, 2019

Fall Photography Tips

The stunning beauty of fall can provide amazing backdrops for outdoor photos before the weather turns cold and activities and events move inside.

1.     Use a polarizer for richer colours.  Polarizers create richer colours, can add contrast to an image and can eliminate glare from glass and water.  You can control the level of intensity by rotating the filter on the lens.

2.     Use backlight to your advantage.  This is a popular technique and fall is the best time to do it.  Practice with your lenses to find out how they react to backlit subjects is a good idea.  Keep the sun out of the frame even blocking it with the subjects themselves.

3.     Try adding a sunstar to a backlit image to provide an additional element of interest.  For a clean burst, position the sun behind a hard edge within the composition, allowing a small amount of light to peek out.  Using a softer edge like clouds or leaves will diffuse the rays.

4.     Blur a busy colourful background.  To get a super blurry background, set your aperture to the lowest number.

5.     Shoot images of fall without people.  Landscapes, fall foliage, and fallen leaves can be used as supporting images or backgrounds on layouts.

6.     Black and White.  It seems counterintuitive to have a black and white image with all the fall colours but it’s those colours that provide contrast.  In the summer when everything is green you have a uniform background, in the fall with the many variations of gold, orange, red and purples you can create a dynamic grayscale image.