Blog | What is a Yearbook

September 17, 2019

What is a Yearbook

The word Yearbook encompasses so much.  It is a project that spans the entire school year and is the only record of what took place.  Whether this is your first year or you have been a part of the yearbook team for many years, you have committed to creating a book that people will keep for a lifetime.

Most people would probably say that a yearbook is a picture book and in one aspect they’re right.  The book contains a plethora of photographs of themselves and their friends, activities, events, special occasions and everyday life.  But a yearbook is also so much more.

It’s a memory book, the images, stories, and captions will bring back the atmosphere of the year.  A history book, not just for 20 years down the road but also a book for future generations to see what life was like decades earlier.  It is important for a yearbook to be factual, honest and complete. It will be used as a record and reference book not only to put names to faces but also to list team and club rosters, game outcomes, number of attendees at events, causes supported and money raised.  Finally, the yearbook can be used as a public relations tool. Families and future students deciding on a school to attend, can look through the book and see what your school has to offer.

You are part of a group that understands the challenges faced while working on the yearbook.  It can be a struggle gathering content from those who don’t feel the pressure of meeting a deadline.  Scheduling photographers to capture every team, club, and event in all kinds of weather. You mediate between staff members in times of professional or personal disagreements.   Your knowledge covers a wide range of topics including photography, layout, design, and journalism. You are a jack of all trades.

You will work with students who have unique personalities and perspectives.  Managing skill levels and expectations. Providing motivation throughout the year. It is rewarding watching students who continue working on the yearbook throughout their high school career, maturing and refining their skills.

Working on the yearbook provides students with an opportunity to learn and grow.  It’s teaching them life skills, how to communicate with others on the team, solve problems, multitasking, how to manage and hit a deadline.  They have a chance to work with the latest technology. They learn business skills including promotion and sales, advertising, marketing and working within a budget.  A yearbook looks great on a resume or in a portfolio.

At the end of the year, after you have met your final deadline and you are anticipating the arrival of your books. You will celebrate all the hard work that you and your team have put into the yearbook. When the boxes come, and you hand them out, nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing students and staff pour over the pages with eyes wide and big smiles. Feel proud that you have produced a book that will be enjoyed for years to come.