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September 17, 2019

Classroom Organization

 Organization is the key to making it through the year. It may seem overwhelming at the start of the year but with some simple tools, you can be well prepared and avoid the stress.

 1)     Plan It! – Found in your yearbook kit allows you to keep all important information in one place. It provides you with a year overview, a page ladder, monthly calendar with various tasks depending on whether you are a spring or fall delivery, note and graph paper, design basics, layout pages and a few activities and assignments designed to help get you started

2)     Calendar of events – Use a calendar (paper or online) to mark when important school events are happening, when your deadlines are, yearbook sales days and yearbook team member birthdays. Make sure that your calendar is constantly being updated.

3)     Student Roles – Each student should have a specific task and they should be assigned at the beginning of the year.

4)     Organize your digital photos – Effective organization and storage of photos can save lots of time. You may need help from IT to set up folders that students can access.

5)     Deadlines – Use mini deadlines for photos, write-ups, and rough page drafts to keep you on track for your submission deadlines.

6)     Page Ladder – The page ladder can do more than organize the order of the yearbook pages. It can also keep track of who will be designing the page, who the photographer and writer will be and what deadline the page will be submitted under.

7)     Develop a plan – The yearbook can be broken down into several different areas that can all benefit from a detailed plan. These areas include design and overall theme, how the yearbook pages will be organized, yearbook sales and advertising.