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What To Expect When You’re Expecting…Your Yearbooks

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You’ve just gotten the email – the Yearbooks have left the printer’s and are on their way to you! Congratulations – now what?

It often feels like the last bit of work you need to do for your publication is letting your Print Consultant know that the book is approved and ready to go, however, there are steps you’ll need to take once the books have been delivered.

Preparing for Delivery

When your books are shipped, you should receive notification, you may even get tracking information, so you can see where your books are at any given moment.

This is your chance to prepare your admin staff for the delivery, as well as organizing some of your yearbook staff on hand to assist you with receiving the shipment. Get some snacks, play some music, and have a party, this is an exciting time!

Delivery Day – Before Signing Receipt

When your shipment arrives, your courier will bring you your shipping receipt. Before you sign off on the books, there are a few steps you should take.

Count the boxes. Your shipping waybill will list the number of boxes to expect. Make sure they’re all accounted for, and only sign off on what you actually receive.

Check for damage. It happens. Sometimes a box gets crushed, or you might see water damage. Take photos of the damage from several angles, and note this on the form you sign. Have the delivery driver sign too, if possible.

Delivery Day – Unpacking

If you do have damaged boxes, photograph any damaged books that may be inside. You’ll want to email these to your printing company – they track damage and delivery concerns.

If your boxes arrive without damage, crack open a box, and give the book a quick review. Mistakes can happen in production, and you’ll want to have gone over the book before handing it out to your student body – it’s hard to retrieve them if you notice a concern after!

Congratulate Your Team

Thank your staff for their hard work – the yearbook is an enormous project, and their efforts deserve to be celebrated! If there’s time, sit down and discuss what went well, and what could use improving next year – it’s much easier to do this when the project is fresh in everyone’s mind.

Share Your Yearbook

Announce the delivery to the school – or host an event! If you’re able, gather the student body and hand out the books to everyone who ordered. You can have markers ready for signing, and make sure you take pictures for both motivation and next year’s publication.

You’re Done! (Except For The Invoice)

You’ll likely receive your invoice via email from your printer. Ensure that it goes to the right person for payment, and then you’re done! Congratulations on completing another amazing yearbook!