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Making Senior Sections Extra Special

| Yearbooks

Crafting senior pages in a high school yearbook offers a canvas for immortalizing the individuality and shared experiences of the graduating class. Go beyond the typical quotes and baby pictures…here are some unique ways to make those senior pages truly stand out and create lasting memories.

Now, we’re not telling you to ditch the quotes…we’re suggesting packaging your students’ voices in a different way! Some ideas we’ve seen:

  • Have seniors provide advice or well-wishes to future classes as a way of “passing the torch” and leaving behind their legacy.
  • Create a “10 Years From Now” spread, and have students share their aspirations
  • Have students reflect on their favourite memories over their high school years, or share what they will miss most after graduation
  • Share where students are going or doing right after graduation
  • Ask random questions of your seniors and feature them throughout the graduation pages; questions like “If your life was a movie, which movie would it be?” or “Who would you invite to a tea party?” will help create more conversations and content
  • Have seniors to write letters to their future selves. Capturing their current thoughts, aspirations, and hopes for the future creates a touching time capsule within the yearbook, allowing them to reflect in years to come.

Remember, it’s important to have school administration proof the advice/memories/answers and approve them before they go to print! 

Visual storytelling is key, not just in the senior pages but throughout your book. If you have a smaller graduating class who have been together for many years, consider creating a collage that spans the four years of high school, showcasing candid moments, group photos, and snapshots of major events. A timeline layout could also be engaging, allowing seniors to reflect on their growth and cherished memories.  Encourage collaboration with joint pages between friends that encapsulates shared memories and experiences, reinforcing the bonds formed through high school.

To make the section truly unique, adding an interactive element can elevate the yearbook experience. Incorporating QR codes linking to personal websites, portfolios, or playlists adds a modern touch. This allows seniors to extend their presence beyond the pages, sharing more about their passions and achievements. Again, be sure to check the destination of any QR codes or links prior to finalizing your pages!

If your school includes a Superlative section for your grads (Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize, Most Likely to Win a Grammy, etc) consider getting quotes from other students WHY they would be most likely to do those things. Be sure you read our blog on Super Superlative Spreads for more on why this is a great addition to your yearbook!

A few more random ideas:

  • Create a “One Final Test” page…it could be a school-related crossword puzzle or word search
  • Showcase student pets that may or may not have appeared in virtual classrooms
  • Craft an A-Z list of what was popular during your students’ graduating year
  • Have students choose (or design) an emoji that best describes their senior year, and share them in a spread
  • Showcase a list of the school lingo of the year, with its definition (it’s always fun to remember the way we talked, isn’t it daddy-o?)
  • Senior fill-in-the-blanks, where you ask questions and leave space for students to write in their answers after they receive their books

Creating memorable senior pages is about encapsulating the essence of each graduating senior and the collective experiences of the class. It’s a testament to growth, friendships, and the exciting journey ahead. By incorporating these ideas (or some of your own), the yearbook becomes a cherished keepsake, preserving the multifaceted nature of high school life for years to come.