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Graphic Design Trends for 2024

| Yearbooks

A school yearbook is a cherished memory for students, teachers, and parents.  It captures the highlights, achievements, and personalities of a school year in a lasting way.  But you also want it to be fun, modern, and creative!  In this blog post, you’ll learn about some of the top graphic design trends of 2024 you can apply to your yearbook and make it stand out among the rest. 

AI Assistance – with AI Assistance, you can unleash your creativity like never before.  It helps generate ideas, create concepts, choose colours and more.  You can achieve imagery and fonts that weren’t possible before, making your yearbook truly one of a kind. 

Bold Minimalism – minimalist designs are timeless and elegant, but their popularity has been growing with the addition of bold elements mixed with simple shapes, plenty of white space, and a clear visual style.

Pixels – pixels are making a major comeback in graphic design.  They’re not just for old school video games anymore, but a creative way to mix nostalgia and modernity.  They create a distinctive look that stands out.

Fluorized – this is about using bright and lively colours to create a feast for the eyes.  2024 is all about making your designs stand out and communicate vividly. Using colours to tell captivating visual stories.

Doodles – use these hand-drawn, whimsical illustrations to add a touch of human personality to your yearbook.  It invites playfulness and creativity into your design, be they subtle accents or taking centre stage. 

Gradients – they are making a bold comeback.  This is all about seamlessly blending colours from one shade to another, creating transitions that add depth and dimension to designs.  They’re versatile and can be used in a variety of applications like backgrounds and typography.

Fancy Printing – as the world becomes more and more digital, this trend is all about exploring innovative and traditional printing methods to create designs that engage the senses.  Elements like foiling and embossing and using special materials like cotton and kraft brings character and sets the project apart from the rest.

Serifs – serified fonts have taken centre stage to allow for more creativity.  Ever since the Netflix series “Stranger Things” introduced their timeless wordmark, designers can’t get enough of serifs!

Collages – this design style blends a medley of shapes, images, and textures to create visually interesting compositions.  Whether it’s a digitally-created mosaic or a handcrafted cut-and-paste design, collages bring a touch of authenticity to designs that can’t be achieved with perfectly aligned grids.

Retro – retro-inspired designs are still one of the hardest-growing trends, and we are all for it.  Many of us are guilty of longing for “the good old days”, and as such the resurgence of vintage design…orange and brown colour palettes, grainy photography, cartoon-inspired characters…is a delightful journey through the past. 

Stickers – yes, stickers are finding their place as design elements, bringing a touch of fun and informality to layouts.  They make content more relatable and engaging and add a dash of nostalgia and a sense of community.

Patterns – much like gradients, patterns are a great way to bring character to your designs.  They offer a canvas for storytelling, from minimalistic energy to vibrant whimsy.

Barbiecore – because the Barbie movie was so memorable, pink has thrust its way to the forefront of design trends, and 2024 will continue to build on that.  A great combination is the majestic black and pink combo that looks so stylish and elegant!

Hyper-Realistic Illustrations – these blur the boundaries between reality and imagination, allowing for a completely unique visual experience. 

This is not the year of boring, traditional design. 2024 is showing itself to be full of bold, engaging, colourful, experimental design. Have fun deciding which trends you are going to incorporate into your yearbook!