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April 10, 2019

Advisor Help

Warm weather has arrived, and if you’re a spring delivery you have either received your book or will soon. If you’re fall you’re in the thick of wrapping up the school year as well as trying to finish off your book before the break. Here are a few things (dependent on your delivery season) to help with the stress.

Spring Delivery:           

  • Now’s a great time to critique your book. What did you love about this year’s design? What would you design differently?
  • Start recruiting students for next year.
  • If you have students sitting in class with nothing to do, now’s a great time to create templates for next year’s project and start roughing out a page ladder.
  • Have you considered hosting a yearbook signing party to celebrate the book and boost school morale?

Fall Delivery:

  • Do one last sales push to get last minute orders in. Nothing like the nostalgia of a year wrapping up to help boost sales numbers!
  • Make sure you have provided your summer contact info to the plant just in case any questions arise over the summer.
  • If you are hosting a yearbook event early in the fall pass this info along to us so we can coordinate a delivery schedule that will hopefully accommodate this.
  • Celebrate with your team!

Danielle Abrams
Friesens Customer Service Manager