Blog | Immigration Matters to Friesens Corporation

November 25, 2020

Immigration Matters to Friesens Corporation

Please watch the video below to find out how global talent helped build Friesens and resulted in a “win-win solution” for our organization, the local community, and the newcomers themselves.

In 2019, The Government of Canada recognized Friesens Corporation for its support and training of newcomers to Canada, one of three employer awards given out by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Friesens partners with Winnipeg-based settlement and employment service provider organizations to hire newcomers who are looking for jobs. They then offer training and practical assistance to help close the skills gaps for internationally trained employees who lack Canadian experience.  

Chad Friesen, President & CEO of Friesens made the following comments:

“We are especially honoured to receive this award as it reflects the importance that we place on developing great people. As a large employer located in a small rural community with near-0% unemployment, our newcomer employment strategy is critical to company success. Given our location, we are not only involved in recruitment and onboarding, but also in community integration initiatives related to housing, education, banking, grocery, and transportation. These efforts are led by a dedicated human resources team that shows great care for each individual as they pursue success both in the workplace and the community. This is all made possible through great partners like the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, Regional Connections Immigration Services, Opportunities for Improvement, and many other local services. We are thankful for these partners”.

Friesens has set the example in turning to economic immigration in order to address talent shortages in the small community of Altona, Manitoba.