Blog | Anaheim Workshop 2017

July 13, 2017

Anaheim Workshop 2017

Summer. Vacations and sun shiny days. Long drives to the beach. New friendships that will last a lifetime. Yearbook Workshops…. WAIT… We had you until Yearbook Workshops, right?

The Friesens team is hosting a summer workshop in Anaheim, California this week from Wednesday to Friday. Advisors and students from various states have descended upon Southern California. Don’t worry… there’s a little down time at Disney World and Knott’s Berry Farm. Great guest speaker is Lizabeth A. Walsh

Photographer Jennifer Kelley Lublin highlights the first day. Relevant topics like theme development, page layout and design, photography and photo composition made for an exciting learning experience.

What are the three most important lessons for taking great photos? Aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Learn those three and you’re SET! Over the summer, grab your camera and explore! More light is needed… no less light is needed… wait I need a blurry background. Start thinking about those conversations as soon as possible

I am now checking in on cover development with our two cover artists who are creating print-ready art. Says cover artist, ‘That’s a really exciting cover idea.’ Says advisor, ‘I can hardly wait to see that in print.’ WOW 2018 is already starting to take shape. Sorry it’s time for a breakout session and I want to see who is going to win some great prizes.

All this learning is making me thirsty….now it’s off to Starbucks for a refreshing Iced White tea or Hot Macchiato? Maybe Downtown Disney for Supper? All this learning during summer has to have some benefits!!

Happy Summer. Relax. Enjoy time with family and DO think about Yearbook 2018!