Blog | Take our Fun Yearbook Quiz!

September 01, 2017

Take our Fun Yearbook Quiz!

Congratulations! You have joined the world of Yearbook, you will never be the same again. It isn’t a question of should you be involved in the yearbook, of course you should! Yearbooks are awesome! The question is are you cut out for it? I would say yes! But here are a few questions you need to ask before you get started – just to make sure you ‘cut the mustard’.

Run through questions 1-10 and answer ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ for each one. Tally up the “YES” answers, See below on how you rate.

  1. Do people call you the grammar police?
  2. Do you like pizza?
  3. Are you an Apple evangelist?
  4. Do you grimace when people suggest Comic Sans?
  5. Do you know what leading and kerning means?
  6. If I said ‘rule of thirds’ could you explain it?
  7. Do you like making lists?
  8. Do you get excited when you see great new designs?
  9. Do you know what a Monopod is and what its used for?
  10. Is your desk so organized that people stop and stare?

How many Yes’s did you score?:
1-3: Yearbook may not come easy for you. Go eat some pizza, look into some typography and roll up your sleeves you have a bit to learn. Contact your Friesens team to set up training and peruse our online tutorials. Remember, the rewarding part of watching your team learn to build a beautiful book and the excitement on the other student’s faces as they look through the book that your team built!

4-6: Maybe, Yearbook could be your thing but you didn’t know it. Go to the yearbook room, start making some lists. I know you will get into the groove and help your students create an amazing yearbook.

6-8: Yes, Yearbook is for you. You’ll take to it like a duck to water. Open your yearbook kit, and start reviewing. It will all become clear.

8-10: Definitely, Yearbook and you are one in the same. When people see you they know you are there to capture memories. Look out! You are going to have an amazing year!

So, even if you are not an expert…yet…the wonderful thing is WE ARE. Yearbook is OUR thing. We are great at yearbooks and we are here to help you every step of the way. Let us know and we will coach you through.