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September 28, 2017

Yearbook Cover Inspiration

Now that you have your theme picked out, you need to think about your cover design. Most of the time picking a theme and coming up with your cover work hand in hand. So hopefully I have caught you early enough to help with some cover ideas.

Here are some of the cover submissions from our cover contest. I hope they help you come up with some ideas for this year. Great job everyone!


225879-2 West Carleton
225732-2 Stamford
225699-2 Earl of March
225679-2 St. Mary’s
225641-2 Spectrum
225627-2 David Thompson
225569-2 San Leandro
229131-2 Fletchers Meadow
228575-2 Revelstoke
228324-2 Clearspring
227560-2 Western Tech
227464-2 Poquoson
226398-2 Santa Ynez
225987-2 Notre Dame CSS
225437-2 Burnaby Mountain
223982-2 Burnaby North