Blog | Progress on Capital Plans and Building Plans for 2020

November 03, 2020

Progress on Capital Plans and Building Plans for 2020

– Byron Loeppky, Senior VP of Book Division

This is the last of 3 years planned for significant capital upgrades.  Some equipment is already installed, and other equipment is here but not installed.  Access to technicians has been difficult or impossible during the Covid crisis, which has delayed installations.

Our first Perfect Binder from Muller Martini (pictured below) was sitting in crates for months before we were able to begin installation, but it is now installed.  However, we continue to wait for technicians to install the waste extraction system that is required for the Perfect Binder to function.  No date is confirmed as of this writing.

Muller Martini Perfect Binder

On the north side of the expansion you can see from the picture below that our cover decorating equipment has been moved into place and with the exception of the new Gietz (which is in the background under plastic), all equipment is operational.  What made this move even more impressive was that it was done without the help of any outside technicians.  Our internal, maintenance looked after all the moves and should be congratulated for not only getting them moved but getting them operational and on schedule.

Cover decorating equipment

So, there has been a lot that has happened over the last number of years. 

A lot has been accomplished but still some work left to do before we take a breath.  The challenge with all these moves has been to try and accomplish it in a way that does not interfere with our ability to keep producing and shipping product to our customers. A great example of a company that is always “on the move” with forward momentum and promoting teamwork among its employees.