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August 08, 2022

Friesens Packaging

By Mike Fehr, Senior VP of Packaging

Greetings from the world of Packaging to the world of books. In both worlds we share the common need to share messages from one product. We often express this as “helping our customers tell their story through the products we manufacture.” We’re here to do that through packaging!

Many of you relate to us as Friesens Packaging – through slipcases. About three years ago Friesens Packaging and think4D joined together. Both were producing packaging products and today they operate under one roof and one brand – think4D.

In addition to packaging products, for many years we’ve produced diploma holders for our school customers. We are in the middle of our last season after having produced these for several decades. This is a move to increase our focus on packaging only products. One of those packaging product lines is rigid boxes. There are three box styles that are ideal for preserving and preventing books – book boxes, clamshell boxes and slipcases. Examples of these can be seen on our website: box/ Please reach out to your Friesesn rep for all your presentation box needs. They can provide you with information and pricing.

We are particularly proud to share some recent examples of products produced for publishers.

You may recall that we opened think4D as a company that manufactured decorated thermoforms for consumer goods products. Over the last year, this too has grown into other print-related packaging products, in particular, labels. Many people think of stickers (pressure sensitive labels) when they think of labels, but the label market is much larger and also includes wrap around labels, shrink sleeves and in-mold labels.

We are now manufacturing both shrink sleeves and in-mold labels. We want to continue expanding into products where decoration and shape are required. Both are unique skills in which our team has developed a lot of strength. Already this team has been given the challenge and opportunity to engage in creating some of the most challenging packages. If you would like to receive a package of these samples, let us know and we would be happy to ship them to you.

To conclude, I want to summarize think4D’s product lineup: various styles of rigid boxes, thermoforms, shrink sleeves, and in-mold labels. We are excited about our products and the solutions they offer brands and publishers.