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October 21, 2019

Book Organization

Now that you have set your theme for the year it’s time to decide what will be on each page.  The first question you need to ask is how you will be organizing the order of your pages. The theme you have chosen may dictate that order.  A sectional approach is where you divide your book into sections that fit your school culture and can include the following. Student life, people, sports, organizations, academics, arts and graduates.  A chronological approach moves through the school year. Starting at the beginning and adding activities and events as they happen. Something to consider: If you have organized your book one particular way for the past couple of years, try switching things up.  It provides a fresh new look and gives your yearbook staff an opportunity to explore their creativity. 

Think of your page ladder as a blueprint to build your book.  Using the large page ladder poster found in your kit or an electronic one, write-down not only what will be on the page but who is responsible for designing the page, the photographer, the writer and what deadline the page will be part of.  Looking at last year’s book gives you a good place to start. Is there is anything you would like to change? Use it as a guide for the number of pages each section, team or event used. Make sure to post your ladder where all your staff has access to it.  Remember it’s ok to make adjustments to the ladder as you go but it is best to start with a solid plan.