July 19, 2018


Friesens held a Book Manufacturing Seminar May 28–30, 2018. We hosted eight participants from Vancouver Island, California, Washington DC, and Alaska.
During this intensive three-day seminar, we studied all aspects of producing a book, from initial file preparation through to the final bindery process. Over the course of the three days, we manufactured a book together and were directly involved in all stages of the book’s production. The seminar started with an in-depth tour of all production facilities at Friesens, including the Book, Web, Yearbook, Digital, and Packaging Divisions. Next, a production manager came in for a classroom discussion on a particular stage of book production, after which we headed out as a group to the production area to work on that particular stage of producing our own book.

We followed all stages of our book’s production over the course of the three days in this way. Other educational opportunities were interspersed along the way while we were waiting for certain aspects of our book’s production to be completed. The managers providing the education also joined us for meals for a more one-on-one conversations with the participants.

One of our seminar participants summed up the experience very well:
“The Book Manufacturing Seminar at Friesens afforded a rare opportunity to get an inside view of the art and science of book manufacturing; from layout, colour handling, and paper, on to the actual process of making the plates, printing, cutting, folding, collating, binding, embossing, lamination, custom boxing, and more! Friesens is located in the small prairie town of Altona, and that small-town warmth and friendliness was expressed by everyone we met, and was shown in the care taken to make us comfortable. At the same time, workers are drawn from all over the world, as far as Germany and the Philippines, to bring their skills and talents to a unique team.”
Frank Zimmerman

Our founder’s words over 110 years ago were: “Friesens will only be successful if our customers are successful.” Our Book Manufacturing Seminar and its contribution to the overall skill and knowledge of our customers is one of the many ways we try to fill that original mission statement. The seminar is organized by local sales representatives and is offered at no cost to our customers. Customers need to find a way  to Winnipeg, and from there we pick them up, feed them, house them, train them, and then bring them back to Winnipeg.  Friesens is a unique company, and this seminar is truly a unique experience. If you are interested in learning more about the Book Manufacturing Seminar, please contact your local sales representative.