Teachers & Advisors | YEARBOOKCON FALL 2021

Whether you’re beginning your first yearbook journey or a seasoned veteran taking on your 20th publication, YearbookCon is here to help kick-start your 2022 Yearbook! Join us and our elite team of experts to learn about everything from Photography, to Editor Leadership, to Social Media.

Take your Yearbook development to new heights by following one of our recommended Learning Tracks or by creating your own customized learning plan. With more than 15 different speakers from all corners of the continent, this year’s speaking group is the most unique, diverse and experienced we have ever assembled. 

Join us for a yearbook learning experience like no other!

What Is It?

YearbookCon is a three-day workshop designed to help yearbook advisors and staff prepare and gather momentum for their upcoming publication. Rather than lengthy videos, topics are broken into small, digestible sessions, which allow for easy note taking and re-watching. You’ll have access to the sessions for three months after the workshop so make sure to take advantage!

Where Do I Watch?

We’re excited to announce we’re hosting our workshop on Whova, a virtual conferencing platform. When you register, accounts will be created for you and your students, with the information sent via email within one week.

How Much Does It Cost?

YearbookCon costs $75 per school with unlimited advisor and student registrations.

Yearbook & Journalism 101

Theme Development & Cover

Coverage Plan

Organizing Your Yearbook

Staff Organization

Student Editor Leadership

Ethics & Yearbook

Importance of Being Social

Planning For Your Year & The Unexpected

Headline – Copy – Captions

Telling The Story – Alternate Storytelling

Sports Writing & Sports Coverage

Sales – Marketing – Social: Friesens Tools

Starter’s Guide to Layout & Design

Take It To The Next Level: Layout & Design

Photography: The Essentials

Camera Handling & Exposure

Sports Photography

Photo Level Workflow

New Advisers!

ConnectMe Training

DesignIt Training

InDesign Training

Photoshop & PhotoPea Training

Publication Organization

Leveraging the Power of Bridge & Creative Cloud


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You’ve heard the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but the fact remains that the cover is what gives your audience their first impression, and guides their thoughts of the contents within. In Yearbook, the cover of your yearbook is where you receive your introduction to the theme, and sets the tone for everything that follows. Schedule a session with a cover designer, and give your yearbook its best cover yet!


No matter if you’re building your first yearbook, or are a 15-year veteran of the yearbook, scheduling some time with one of our fabulous presenters will give you a great boost to the yearbook. Make sure you’re ready to dive into yearbook the right way!