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Publish students’ art, photography, and writing for the first time with a Literary Arts Book for your school. These student writing publications are perfect for fundraising or adding to a student’s resume or portfolio. Fondly referred to as a Lit/Art Book, these award-winning mini-magazines are of comparable quality to high end poetry magazines, literary journals, artist magazines, and creative writing journals.

What to put in a Lit/Arts Book:

  • Poetry
  • Short Fiction
  • Photography
  • Illustrations/Artwork
  • Anything else created by your students.


  • Custom Cover
  • Any Size
  • Colour, or Black & White
  • Hard or Soft Cover
  • Sewn Binding to Last a Lifetime
Art book cover

Get Started

A successful Lit/Art Book program consists of 3 stages:

  1. Students submit content for critique and acceptance.
  2. Students design the book with Friesens online and digital design software.
  3. Launch your Literary Arts Book at a local book store or restaurant. Invite students, parents, teachers, school administration, school board, and the community. Select several students to read their work in front of the group, sign and sell books to raise much needed funds for your school.
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