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September 14, 2017

Yearbook Theme Part 2 – 4 Steps to a Great Theme

Working on your theme is a great way to start the year, its an important foundation for your yearbook and its a great way to start building your team.

To get started have the class conduct a brainstorming session – a process that encourages the development of innovative ideas and problem solving through unrestricted and uncensored discussion. Remember there are no bad ideas.

Step 1: Generate Ideas

  • Tour the school at different times
  • Check Bulletin Boards & Posters
  • Bring popular magazines, books, music to look at
  • Use a thesaurus, dictionary and other reference material
  • Remember there are no bad ideas….this is not the time to judge.

Step 2: Record all ideas

  • Take out a stack of sticky notes and record all the ideas
  • Record All the ideas without censorship or omission
  • Remember there are no bad ideas…this is not the time to judge.

Step 3: Discuss ideas

  • Take the sticky notes and put them up on the wall in similar groupings
  • Some will quickly sink others will float
  • When thinned to three or four ideas, see how well they relate to the yearbook outline
  • If promising, imagine a cover, dividers, and individual pages with this theme applied
  • Chances are good that after this discussion the winning theme will be obvious.

If you don’t have consensus:

  • Create small groups, one for each competing idea, and have them present their theme to the class.
  • Take a vote for which theme should be used
  • Unanimous agreement is important to maintaining a high level of enthusiasm

Click here to download our Theme Proposal Worksheets to help you with this process.