Blog | What’s Happening in Friesens Marketing?

July 24, 2020

What’s Happening in Friesens Marketing?

Odia Reimer, Corporate Marketing Manager

Change  is  afoot  at  Friesens,  and  if  you  have  been  following  our story over the years, this is not a new thing for us. We are always shifting and changing to adapt to what is happening in the print landscape. Along with new equipment, one of the more recent changes is  in  Marketing.  Up  until  this  point,  each  of  our  divisions  managed  their  own  marketing  strategies.  We  haven’t  had  a  specific Corporate Marketing Manager … until now. We have adjusted  the  strategy  and  created  a  Corporate  Marketing  Department.

I would like to introduce you to the team:

•Odia Reimer – Corporate Marketing Manager

•Cindy Voth – Marketing Coordinator

•Shayleah Funk – Marketing Coordinator

•Pamela Hiebert – Marketing Coordinator

•Frances Brady – Internal Project Specialist

•Tracy Robertson – Copy Writing/Marketing Assistant

•Marge Driedger – Head Receptionist

As  this  is  a  new  role  at  Friesens,  as  well  as  for  myself,  I’m  excited   to   forge   ahead   into   unchartered   territory.   I   am   reviewing  the  Friesens  strategy,  and  looking  at  the  best  way  to  communicate  the  Friesens  story  beyond  these  walls  and  outside of Altona, to you our customers.

The way I see it, in everything we do, we are communicating the  Friesens  story.  We  are  making  and  fulfilling  promises  at  every touchpoint, in the way we answer the phone, the way we respond to emails, the way our programs interact with our customers, and the way we pack our boxes. With absolutely every  interaction,  we  are  telling  our  customers  who  we  are  and what they can expect from us. This is the communication that speaks louder than any brochure or business card, and it is critical to our role in Marketing and how we are going to help Friesens move forward in 2020.Is there more we can do? Of course! We have a long way to go in telling the intricate story of Friesens beyond these walls and  outside  of  Altona.  We  need  to  have  it  resonate  beyond  us and out to the proverbial mountaintops, because we know that when people understand us and have a good experience, they  are  more  likely  to  be  a  repeat  customer  and  promote  our  business  to  others.  When  a  customer  chooses  to  place  their  trust  in  us,  or  someone  applies  for  a  job  within  our  company, telling our story in the best way we can is not only beneficial  to  the  overall  performance  of  Friesens  employees,  but  helps  us  improve  our  story  for  the  future  and  for  all  of  our stakeholders.