May 22, 2019


In so many areas of our lives work, school and play take team effort and yearbook is no exception. Putting a strong team together for such a large publication representing the school can be a challenge especially with a diverse group of students.

Rules of thumb and fun:

First, make sure your students want to be in yearbook. Are they excited to design, create and capture the memories of the school year?

Then, create some fun events to cohesively bring everyone together. One great idea is to have a yearbook retreat night or weekend to begin to flush out a theme, look and design ideas.

Consider a look – yearbook classes and clubs often wear “swag” to create unification and a sense of pride around the school and yearbook.

Do some exercises…A simple in-class team-building assignment is to break the group into smaller teams and get them to build a small to medium size puzzle together (what they don’t know is you have mixed some of the pieces from each puzzle into another puzzle box).  Not only does the team have to work together to solve/build the puzzle, they have to then leave their group/team and approach the others to see who has their missing pieces.

What’s the Lesson? – (learn to get out of your comfort zone!)  Work with others and approach various groups in the school for photos

Have fun with it, the season of building a yearbook is fast and furious so a strong team is the first step in building a strong foundation.

Sharon Remillard
Friesens Yearbook Consultant