Blog | Sell more yearbooks, spend NO money!

October 22, 2018

Sell more yearbooks, spend NO money!

How you ask? Here’s how!   Tip 1: Yearbook Pep Rally; the football team can, why can’t you? Get out there and create some hype, you’ve earned it! Tip 2: Social Media; create a fun meme or post a sneak peek of that amazing spread! Tip 3: Custom HTML; email is the new snail mail (just a tad faster), get with the times! Tip 4: Classic Ad; print isn’t dead, get an ad in the parent newsletter or school newspaper! Tip 5: Promotional Video; reach out to that digital media class or let us help! Have these videos continuously playing in the entrance, common room, and cafeteria or wherever a TV may be! Tip 6: Online, Online, Online; don’t forget it! The online store makes it easy for parents to purchase a yearbook from their couch! Place a link to the online store on social media and the school website – then promote it! Tip 7: Commercials; they drive us nuts, but we’re forced to listen! Have some fun and create a short commercial to play on the PA system, school radio or through the school’s TV’s. Tip 8: Face to Face; who can turn down that sweet and innocent face? Set up a table during any school event and have students walking around with iPad/tablets taking orders. Tip 9: School App; Push Notification on your Friesens School App, this will go straight to their cell phone! Who doesn’t live on their phone?

  Brett Falk Friesens Yearbook Consultant