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April 10, 2017

Sell More Books With “The Chilton Method”

You may know Dave Chilton as “the nice venture capitalist” on the hit TV show Dragons’ Den. He built his fortune in the most unusual of ways … through self publishing. While selling millions of books out of his tiny two-person office Dave has been besieged by requests for advice from authors and self publishers from around the world. Even the biggest international publishing companies have brought in Dave to share his unique book-marketing approaches. Flattered, but overwhelmed by all the cries for help, Dave has taken an eleven month leave from running his private-investment company to create a “one-of-a-kind” comprehensive book selling course. Most surprising is that he isn’t planning to make any money himself from this effort. None whatsoever! So he really is the nice venture capitalist!(Of course, there is a modest charge for The Chilton Method as the production team, the site developer and the distribution/marketing people aren’t quite as generous with their time!)

Whether you’re just thinking about writing your first nonfiction book or you’re a veteran of the publishing industry, The Chilton Method will open your eyes to a new world of book-marketing possibilities.

Why is Friesens helping to promote this? After talking with Dave about the product and listening to the videos, we feel this would be a great resource for many of our customers.

Friesens specializes in the manufacturing of books, but we are also a resource of information for our customers and want to help you sell more books. After all, helping publishers sell more books fits our core belief that “if our customers are successful we also will be successful.” The videos included with the course could be a great resource not only for individuals and small publishers, but also for large publishing houses. A well-designed marketing plan can mean the difference between a successful book and one that goes nowhere.

Check it out at-chilton-method