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November 13, 2018

Sell it Tips!

Why Advertise your Yearbook? Because it provides information! Why Market your Yearbook?  You work hard to create it – Highlight it!  Promote it!  Be Proud! Whether your school provides your yearbook to each student or you Sell It, promote it!   Top Sell It Suggestions & *Friesens Tools:
  1. Provide the option to purchase your yearbook at school registration (This is #1 Point of Purchase success rate)
  2. Online Store via ConnectMe: Share the link – Your Website, Social Media, Accounts Newsletter, School App push notifications, Grad Committee, Student Services/Council
  3. Have Friesens create an HTML for mass distribution (social media, e-mail) (place sample of HTML here)
  4. Parent Letter (found in your Yearbook Kit) – “Kicking it old school” Send home with the report cards, grad packages, etc. – this is very effective 
  5. Friesens Posters (found in your Yearbook kit) – place in Common Areas, Lunch Rooms, The Office, etc.
  6. Have Friesens create a custom video  – this is great to show at Spirit Week, Grade Wars, Prep Rallies, Assemblies, Gym Riots, Grad Meetings, etc.
  7. Have Friesens create a Screen Saver for Libraries, Labs, Hallways, etc.
  8. Booths – Sell your yearbook at Parent Teacher Nights, Band & Theatre Productions, School BBQ, etc. 
*Contact your Print Consultant or click here to order your custom Friesens Sell It Tools!   Tips:
  • Sales Blitz work best (2 week period – option to buy)
  • Ensure you accommodate the entire community – provide an option for cash in the office
  • Always provide details of where to purchase your yearbook and a hard deadline!
  • It is okay to Sell Out (“Limited quantities”) – creates hype for the following year!
  • The more yearbooks you sell, the less cost per book
  • Send communication home
  • Know your community and give them the option to buy their Memories in Print
  Fun Fact:   Steve Jobs’ Yearbook sold for $12,322.00 on ebay   …many lasting impacts found in a yearbook   Leslie Perring Friesens Yearbook Consultant